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"Mian Mustaqim Ali" Subject:- "AN-621" Submitted to:- "Dr.Mirza Aslam"

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Feed Formulation Software

Feed Formulation…..? : 

Feed Formulation…..? The process by which different feed ingredients are combined in a proportion necessary to provide the animal with proper amount of nutrients needed at a particular stage of production.

Feed Formulation Software…….? : 

Feed Formulation Software…….? Feed Formulation Software is a application soft wear which is used to provide the specific combination of feed ingredients for all aged animals and birds. www.kasturi.info/feed.htm

Continue:- : 

Continue:- Feed Formulation is a simple and practical Feed Formulation software with a user friendly user interface. A person with basic knowledge can easily use this software. There are different requirements for different users so Feed Formulation comes with two functions Optimize & Analysis.

Optimize : : 

Optimize : Feed Formulation uses Linear Programming for optimizing Feed Formulation at Least Cost.

Analyse : : 

Analyse : Least Cost Formulation may sometimes give impractical results, for this limitation Feed Formulation has got an Analyze Tool (Trial & Error Method). This will calculate and show the Nutrients Values and the Formula Cost on entering the Ingredients Quantity and Rate. This process can be done till you get a desired result. Suitable for Egg Producers, Broilers, Nutritionist, Hatcheries, Feed Manufacturers, etc.,

Features of feed formulation soft wear :- : 

Features of feed formulation soft wear :- Animal Types - (Layers, Broilers, Sheep, Pigs, Fish, etc., ) Feed Types Ingredients Nutrients Nutritional Composition Ingredients Selector Nutrients Selector Formula Analysis Least Cost Feed Formulation

System Requirements :- : 

System Requirements :- Computer : with a 600MHz or faster processor RAM         : 192MB or more Hard-Disk : 40MB of space required Display     : 1024 x 768 or higher resolution OS           : Windows XP with SP2 / Windows 2000 with SP4 / Windows Server 2003 with SP1 / Windows Vista

Requirements of Feed Formulation Softwares ………….? : 

Requirements of Feed Formulation Softwares ………….? Feed Formulation Softwares require a method to formulate a feed.

Methods of Feed Formulation : 

Methods of Feed Formulation Pearson Square Method: Simultaneous Equation Method: Trial-and-error Method: Two –By-two Matrix Method: Linear - Programming (LP): Stochastic Method:

Pearson Square Method:- : 

Pearson Square Method:- It is relatively simple direct and easy to follow. It is useful in balancing for the protein requirements. Some of the limitations of this method are:- It uses only two feed ingredients. Less consideration is given to other nutritive requirements, vitamins and minerals.

Simultaneous Equation Method:- : 

Simultaneous Equation Method:- This is an alternative method for the Pearson Square method using a simple algebraic equation. The advantages of this one over the Pearson Square method is that One can balance for both the protein and the energy. It is also useful in considering more than two feed ingredients at once when balancing more complex rations

Trial-and-error Method:- : 

Trial-and-error Method:- This is the most popular method of formulating rations for poultry. As the name implies, the formulation is manipulated until the nutrient requirements of the birds arrived at. Trial-and error method can be done manually on paper or with the aid of a computer using programme like spreadsheet e.g. Excel, Lotus123, and Quattro pro.

Continue…. : 

This method makes possible the formulation of a ration that meets all the nutrient requirements of the Birds. The limitation of this method is that; it is laborious and takes more time before one will arrive at a fairly satisfactory result. Continue….

Two –By-two Matrix Method:- : 

Two –By-two Matrix Method:- This method solves two nutrient requirements using two different feed ingredients. A 2 x 2 matrix is set and a series of equations are done to come up with the solution to the problem.

Linear - Programming (LP):- : 

Linear - Programming (LP):- This is the common method of Least Cost Feed Formulation. This method was first developed in 1947 by G.B. Dantzig to solve some U.S. Air Force planning problems but now it is widely used in all types of fields. This is a method of determining the least-cost combination of ingredients using a series of mathematical equations.

Continue…. : 

Continue…. A standard linear programming model, in matrix form, may be stated as follows. where co = Cost per unit for jth ingredient xj = Quantity of jth ingredient aij = Quantity of ith nutrient per unit of jth ingredient bi = Requirement for ith nutrient in the diet

Continue…. : 

Continue…. As earlier indicated, LP is preferred for poultry feed formulation. Almost all the references consulted uses LP technique, the reason been that variant (feed ingredient) are not expected to change property because of mixing, i.e. every unit of a least cost feed formulated ration has the same productivity regardless of ingredients sources

Stochastic Method:- : 

Stochastic Method:- Simple diets can be formulated using either Pearson’s Square or simultaneous equations methods. Both of these methods are unable to handle inequalities or ranges and both are independent of price. An alternative to this method is Stochastic Method. In real life nutrient composition is highly variable. This variation is associated with variety of factors which include variation of nutrient content of ingredients coming from different batches and sources and variation attributed to the laboratory procedure and human error.

Continue…. : 

Continue…. Most feed manufacturers want to minimize the risk of not meeting the nutrient requirements of the animal. The following two methods have been proposed to minimize this risk. Application of safety margin in linear formulation. Use of Stochastic Programming.

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The standard form of constraints in linear programming is as follows. If a user wishes to increase the success rate of meeting the ith nutrient in the diet up to or to fall i i below the level b , to a probability of P > Ø , then both constraints will be modified as follows. Because the above constraints are nonlinear so they could not be solved using software that formulates least cost diets by linear programming. This form of constraint is solved by stochastic programming. Thus Stochastic Programming provides assurance of meeting the requirement of animals to a grater probability – statistically at a value greater than 90%.

Commonly Used Feed Formulation Softwares are:- : 

Commonly Used Feed Formulation Softwares are:- Winfeed FeedMU MIXIT (various version exist) Feedlive EGGPRO Version 2.0 Feed Mania Winpas

General information about…. : 

General information about…. WinFeed

Features of WinFeed : 

Features of WinFeed Easy to use software for "Least Cost Feed Formulation“ Equally useful for ruminants, non-ruminants, poultry, pets and fish etc Works in Linear Mode and Stochastic Mode. Power to handle unlimited number of Ingredients and Nutrients. On-screen editing facilities, attractive icons and user friendly menus. Improved user experience and user friendly data management. Marginal price, Shadow Price and Cost Analysis

Continue….. : 

Continue….. Compatible with MS Excel for data import and export Graphical reports based on pie charts and bar charts One step synchronization and update of previous formulas Built-in utility to calculate mean and SD for Stochastic formulation Backward formula analysis capability

Continue….. : 

Continue….. Facility to prepare mixing sheet for any batch size up to 1,000,000 Kg Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 Especially customized versions according

WinFeed 2.8 Screenshots : 

WinFeed 2.8 Screenshots

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Contact:- 0044-1223-335942 0044-7801-556127 Info@winfeed.com

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Feedsoft Enterprise 2010Feedsoft Professional 2010 Feedsoft Standard 2010 http://www.feedsoft.com/Download.aspx?id=1674691030 FeedMU

Merits of Formulated Rations - Using Computer:- : 

Merits of Formulated Rations - Using Computer:- Least cost minimizes the cost of ration, given a certain set of ingredients and their nutritional content which is done in real time using a computer. It is convenient and saves manpower. It is a choice for the commercial feed Millers who handles large no of ingredients. It allows ‘least cost’ diet formulation using the specific information fed into them. It eliminates human error both in calculation and in speed.

Reference:- : 

Reference:- Allison J.R. and D.M. Baird, 1974 “least cost livestock productions Rations.” Southern journal of Agricultural Economics, 6: 41-45 Fetuga B.L.A., 1989. Techniques of feed formulation part 2 in: Feedmill management in Nigeria. Edited by; O. Ogunfowora; J.K. Olayemi and A.F. Mabawonku. Pgs. 145-166. J. Appl. Sci. Res., 4(11): 1596-1602, 2008 Fraps G.S. (1946) Composition and productive energy of poultry feeds and rations. Texas Agr. Titus H.W. (1961) The scientific feeding of chickens 4th Ed The Interstate Publ, Danville, Illinois.

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