An Informative Guide for your Kenyan Vacation

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An Informative Guide for your Kenyan Vacation:

An Informative Guide for your Kenyan Vacation Presented by: Ali Nasser

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents General Information about Kenya Interesting Facts about Kenya Checklist before travel Booking your Travel and Safari Important information upon arrival Contact and resources

General Information:

General Information Official Language Kenyan Independence Currency Traditional Food What is Kenya known for?

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Hakuna Matata Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bird Species The white rhino

Pre-Travel Checklist:

Pre-Travel Checklist Vaccines Filtered water bottle Passport Visa application Form Health insurance card


Bookings Airfare , Lodging Airbnb , Safari

Important Information Upon Arrival:

Important Information Upon Arrival Hire a tour guide Keep your valuables secured Most common Swahili words Jambo Karibu Asante Kwaheri

Contact and Resources:

Contact and Resources Contact : Ali Nasser Resources: Trip Advisor Safari Bookings Travel and Vacation Prep for Kenya

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