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Elimilice provides head lice checks and complete head lice removal in one visit in its treatment facilities and in your home. The Atlanta-area’s head lice specialist — we do it all. No need for you to buy products, further comb or retreat.


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The Natural Process for Head Lice Elimination:

The Natural Process for Head Lice Elimination

About Us:

About Us Elimilice was started in early 2010 and is comprised of a team of caring head lice professionals who are all extensively trained and experienced in detecting and completely removing head lice. Elimilice provides head lice removal and treatment services in home and in our facilities. Our in home treatment service area include:  Atlanta  and  Athens, GA  and also in our facility areas such as:  Dunwoody/Atlanta ,  Druid Hills/North Decatur ,  Fayetteville / Peachtree City . The Atlanta area’s largest professional head lice service with locations in Atlanta (Perimeter) and Athens, Georgia area. Call us to help !


Services Lice Removal Services – Atlanta and Athens, GA Our services include manual head lice removal, nit picking, follow-up checks, and head lice checks for all family members . Elimilice provides lice removal services in Atlanta and Athens, GA are and below are the ‘Elimilice’ services: Head lice Checks Treatments School Screening School Presentation Pricing Guarantee Promotion, Discounts & Special

Lice Facts:

Lice Facts Head lice are six-legged wingless insects measuring between 2-3 millimetres, about the size of a sesame seed. They can vary in color from grayish white to reddish brown and have the ability to adapt their color to their environment . While they cannot jump or fly, head lice can crawl quickly along the hair shaft. As parasites, they depend on human blood for survival and must have a “blood meal” (at the scalp) every two to three hours to survive . The female has a lifespan of up to 30 days, during which time she can produce between three and 10 eggs (nits) per day, attaching them to the hair shaft, generally close to the scalp where environments are the warmest . For more info, check our website- http ://www.elimilice.com/lice-facts /

Contact Us:

Contact Us Looking for lice removal treatment for your kid in home? Contact Elimilice and get rid of lice today . Our technicians come to your home between the hours of  8 am and 11 pm, 7 days per week . For an appointment, please contact us at any time: call toll free: 800-966-6903 text:  404-704-2200 email: info@elimilice.com

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