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Steps how to get Security Licence in NSW, Australia. For NSW Security Licence the candidates must be: 18 years of age or over, relevant competencies and experience and successfully completed the required training etc.


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SECURITY LICENCE To ensure the safety of industries and persons, security persons must hold a Security Licence . The state regulator issues the security licence to security persons after completing the basic training and assessment. If security persons are performing different security tasks like patrolling, crowd controlling, or acting as a security consultant then they need a security licence from the state authority or regulator. In New South Wales, NSW Police has a authority to issue the different security licences . But if you are employed by a person to take care of his property without the use of weapons then you don’t need a security licence .

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HOW TO GET A SECURITY LICENCE NSW In order to get a Security Licence NSW, you must be: of 18 years of age or older. an Australian citizen a fit and proper person to get a security licence competent to carry the security activity a ble to pass the training and assesment

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HOW TO GET A SECURITY LICENCE NSW After completing the training and assessment, you will able to apply for the NSW Security Licence by lodging an applcation with NSW Police department. After lodging the Security L icence Application, you have to verify your finger prints and palm print at nearby local police station. It will take atleast 21 days to receive your Security Licence , after verifying your finger and palm prints. After receiving the Security Licence , you can apply for the security jobs at different places.

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WHAT IS THE DURATION OF SECURITY LICENCE NSW Security Licence Course is a full time Security Guard Training Course which requires 102 hours of class room study for 2 weeks. This classroom study will include the training, assessment, and tasks. You can renew your Security L icence Online by filling a renewal form which is available at / SECURITY LICENCE RENEWAL NSW

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TYPES OF SECURITY LICENCES IN NSW Depending on the nature of security work, there are different kind of Security Licences in NSW. These are: Master Security Licence Class 1AC Licence Class 2 Security Licence Security and Risk Management Licence

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