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Vigil Training College is an Australian Vocational Education Organization in Liverpool, Parramatta and Sydney. College offers NSW Security Licensing course, Security and Risk Management, and a range of short course that includes White Card, Provide First aid, CPR, RSA and RCG course. Our trainers and assessors are highly qualified and have extensive experience.


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Vocational Courses:

Vocational Courses Vigil Training College

Vigil Training College:

Vigil Training College Vigil Training College is a vocational educational institute in Australia which provide different courses to candidates in order to make them skillful for workplace. Vigil Training College is a registered training institute affiliated with Australian Skills Quality Authority. In addition to this Vigil Training College is also recognized by SafeWork NSW, The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority and other organizations.

Courses by Vigil Training Collge:

Courses by Vigil Training Collge Vigil Training College r uns n umber of vocational courses in Liverpool and Parramatta. These courses are: Construction Induction Card ( White Card Course Parramatta ) RCG Course First Aid Course RSA Course NSW Security Licence

1. White Card Course Parramatta:

1. White Card Course Parramatta White Card Course is mandatory to those who are: Carrying out construction work at a workplace Supervising the construction work progress Regularly entering into operational construction zones example of such persons are: site managers, tradesmen, laborers etc.

2. RCG Course :

2. RCG Course RCG Course stands for Responsible Conduct of Gambling course. It is required for those who re associated with gambling services at workplace. Vigil Training College provide this course to those who are: Casino Dealers Gaming Cashier Gaming Attendants Other persons who are associated with gambling service

3. First Aid Course:

3. First Aid Course First Aid Course in Sydney is available to all those persons who are working at a workplace and responsible for providing the safe work conditions. Such person has to meet the obligations in case of: Any injury Any accident During hospitality During construction work

4. RSA Course:

4. RSA Course RSA Course stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol and it is designed for those who are dealing with the service of alcohol. This course is required for those who are seeking a job or already doing a job in hospitality industry where they sell or serve alcohol. Example of such persons are: waiters, bar staff, front door as well as reception staff members.

5. NSW Security Licence:

5 . NSW Security Licence NSW Security Licence Course is designed to those who have already completed the 1AC Course and looking for other licence in order to get other roles or job positions in security field. Class 1F licence allows you to work as cash in transit while 1B deals with a work of Bodyguard. Role of bodyguard can include protecting executives, valuable assets and domestic people.

How to Enroll in the courses:

How to Enroll in the courses Enrollment under these courses is quite easy. One can enroll and pay online at www.vigiltrainingcollege.nsw,edu.au for these courses. Offline Enrollment: Download the enrollment from the above website and fill that one. After that send back that form with all relevant required documents through email/fax/post

Vigil Training College:

Vigil Training College Address: Suite 102, 22 Hunter St Parramatta NSW 2150 Phone:  0286779062 Website: www.vigiltrainingcollege.nsw.edu.au

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