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Green Screen Photo Software Business. Now with 7.0 you have an easy to use automatic green screen removal system combined with the powerful Airbrush Editor. This makes Green Screen Wizard the obvious choice for your green screen software needs. Green Screen Wizard Pro with its Sandwich Overlays, Shadow Generators and Special Effects can provide professional photographers a platform for doing business. The Pro Version offers five layers to create amazing images and supports the sandwich overlays. It has a full annotation capability that will let you put as much text as you like on your images. With this feature you can create advertisements or your own magazine covers. Green Screen Wizard adds some new special effects that makes creating artistic images a breeze.

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This technique has been common on television for the presentation of weather reports. The weather person stands in front of the green screen, while the maps and graphic animation plays behind them. So, time to set up the shot. Place the chosen screen in position, inside gives you control of the weather, but lighting without shadows is more difficult, outside in sunshine gives good even light distribution . green screen backdrop with the right lighting, inside is a better option. Just be sure there are no shadows on the screen. Make sure the subject isn't wearing clothes of the same color as the screen, or they may have invisible parts! When you have created and taken the shots you are happy with, it's time for the technical magic.

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Just by thinking outside of the box, you can go to places that don't exist, do things that are humanly impossible and bring dreams closer to reality. But creative imagination without the right chroma key software is destined to stay in the creators mind unseen by others. Also known as green screen editing, it can help you to produce some startling illusions that can be enjoyed by many. A bride and groom in another galaxy or a child in their favorite cartoon, there are no bounds to the possibilities. You could also place people on this world in places they have never been to,but with this simple technique, you can at least make it seem as though they where actually there.

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