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Alex Panels are manufacturer and suppliers of Aluminium Composite Panels used in ACP Cladding & Glazing, Partition Sheets used in all kinds of ACP Fabrication works. Enquire more at 9897662222 or visit our website


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slide 1: || 09897662222 ALEX PANELS provides ACP Sheets available in 3mm and 4mm thickness. Depending upon site requirements and customers choice thickness will be manufactured and delivered. Aluminium Composite panel cladding is done with the help of 2" x 1" plain rectangular tube Adhesive tape ACP Sheet weathering sealant and top quality hardwares. Salient features of ACP • Very light reducing the dead weight of the building and frame loading. • Resistant to extremes of weather exposure and temperature. • Excellent UV characteristics retaining colour after long exposure. • High impact resistance • 100 maintenance free • Good sound insulation. • World renowned 3M tape is used for fixing the ACP to the aluminium frame. • Anti-Fungal protection • Lightweight reducing frame loading and installation costs • Capable of being shaped and formed without loss of surface integrity • High strength and rigidity - outstanding deflection and bending strength

slide 2: || 09897662222 • Short time for Mounting : as result cuts down construction time • Good Sound insulation - reduces unwanted vibrational noise • Ease of installation - can be bent cut drilled punched stamped • Resistant to extremes of weather exposure and temperature • Excellent UV characteristics retaining colour after long exposure • Smooth paint finish and locquering - 3 layer PVdF 70 Kynar - 500 • Superior flatness - ideal of creating smooth monolithic surfaces • High impact resistance • Pollution acid alkali and self-spray resistant finish • Very low coefficient of expansion • Minimal maintenance • Wide range of choice available. • We have done ACP STRUCTURE GLAZING WORK more than 200 sites.

slide 3: || 09897662222 Alex Panels comes to you through a combined vision of Punjab Plywood Industries - owners of blue chip plywood brands Black Cobra having a very strong nation-wide presence. In our vision of the future based on our vast experience in allied products. Alex has won great accolades from architects builders and users alike. Alex Panels are manufacturer and suppliers of Plastic Aluminium Composite Panels Partition Sheets Aluminium Composite Panels used in Exterior and Interior ACP Applications . We have Plastic Aluminium Composite Panels Metal Composite Panels Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Composite Panels Anti Fungal Aluminium Compostie Panels Optimum Aluminium Composite Panels Solid Alumunium Panels used in ACP Fabrication Cladding and Glazing. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Alex Panels is a Aluminium Composite Panel ACP consisting of two layers of aluminium skins sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continous lamination process. Alex Panels uses the world renowned Kynar 500 resins for its exterior grades ensuring long color life and no fungal attacks. Long life colour retention is by Kynar 500/PVdF resins in exterior grade panels. The surface coating contains 70 PVdF resins. Alex Panels places industrys strictest tolerances during production ensuring durable composite panels that stand the test of time.

slide 4: || 09897662222 Comparison Chart Between Alex Panels Solid Aluminium and Steel ITEM ALEX PANELS SOLID ALUMINIUM STEEL Weight 4 mm : 5.48Kg/m2 3mm:8.0 kg/m2 1.5mm:11.47 kg/m2 Flatness Very Flat Uneven Uneven Heat Insulation Best Poor Poor Sound Insulation 25db 15db 5db Echo Response Low Medium High Weather Proof Good Good Good Fire Proof Good Good Good Paint Consistency Best Inconsistent Inconsistent Paint Microns Even Uneven Uneven Fabrication Easy Difficult Very Tough Deliver Quick Slow Slow Total Cost Economical Medium Cost Expensive Maintenance Easy Easy Easy Installation Quick Slow Very Slo

slide 5: || 09897662222 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ITEM UNIT THICKNESS STANDARD 3MM 4MM 6MM Density g/cm3 1.52 1.37 1.22 ASTM D792 Weight kg/m2 4.55 5.48 7.34 ASTM D792 Thermal Expansion -20- 600 10.6/oC 22 24 25 ASTM D696 Thermal Conductivityappearance w/m.k - 0.150.19 - ASTM C518 Temperature for Thermal Deformation oC - 113 - ASTM C648 Acoustic Insulation1003200HZ dB 24 26 27 ASTM E413 MECHANICAL PROPERTIES ITEM UNIT THICKNESS STANDARD 3MM 4MM 6MM Tensil Strength MPa 45.8 48.0 38.2 ASTM D638 Yield Strength MPa 43.4 44.2 30.4 ASTM D638 Extension Rate 12 14 17 ASTM D638 Transverse Modulus X10MPa 3.2 4.2 2.8 ASTM D638

slide 6: || 09897662222 THE APPLICATIONS Since the very inception Alex Panels has imbibed the very best that the dynamic ACP market has to offer. Looking ahead we seek to be responsive and adaptable to professionals and end users alike. Alex Panels is determined to earn respect and confidence by making aesthetically appealing but rugged reliable and high performing ACPs.Alex Panels is a versatile decorative material designed to challenge your imagination. It can be used in a myriad ways particularly for wall cladding in both exterior and interior applications to stunning effects. Spaces and products that among others have found ready acceptance of Alex Panels include...  Airports  Multiplexes  Shopping Malls  Exhibition Stands  Petrol Pumps  Column Covers and Beams Wraps  Building Renovations  School Buildings  Commercial Buildings  Offices  Hotels  Hospitals  Balcony and Canopy Claddings

slide 7: || 09897662222  Partition and Ceiling Panels  False Ceilings  Interior Decoration  Showroom Finishes  Furniture and Cabinets We have a vide range of Shade Cards to let you choose from the color and design you want.  For Exterior Shade Cards click here  For Interior Grades click here  For Partition Sheets click here  For Pet Laminates click here  For Premium Range click here Visit our website or call us at 09897662222 or drop a line of message at for more details and enquiries.

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