What kind of media institution might distribute your media product

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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To understand what media institutions would distribute our product, I researched into what films they have distributed and how successful they have been. Columbia ( owned by Sony Pictures Pictures since 1991) Distributed: Panic Room (2002) Secret Window (2004) Layer Cake (2004) The International (2009) Cemetery Junction (2010) Columbia Pictures has been known as a primary home for screwball comedies since the 1930s. The company probably wouldn’t distribute our film due to the face it mainly invests in distributing franchises, such as the revamped James Bond series. Warner (Founded in 1918) Brothers Distributed: Swordfish (2001) The Departed (2006) V for Vendetta (2006) The Dark Knight (2008) Unknown (2010) Warner Brothers have obtained rights for the Harry Potter franchise recently, showing how they are interested in British culture. Though, the franchise isn’t mainly targeted at a British audience. 20 th Century ( Founded in 1935) Fox Distributed: What Lies Beneath (2000) The Beach (2000) From Hell (2001) Taken (2008) The Happening (2008) 20 th Century Fox would be a good distributor as they own a television channel they could market on. The company is most popular for distributing successful film franchises such as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Avatar’. Vertigo Films ( Founded in 2002) Distributed: The Football Factory (2004) A Good Woman (2004) Shrooms (2006) Shotgun Stories (2007) Outlaw (2007) Vertigo Films would be a good distributor for our film because they specialise in distributing low profit films. The company is also well known for producing popular films such as ‘Monsters’. FilmFour (Launched in 1998) Distributed: Shallow Grave (1994) Trainspotting (1996) A Life Less Ordinary (1997) FilmFour would be a good distributor for our film because of their work with Danny Boyle and broadcast mainstream Hollywood and British films on their television channel. Unfortunately, Channel4 closed the distribution arm of FilmFour in 2002 due to losses. The company has carried on producing films, though. Universal (Owned by ComCast Studios and General Electric) Distributed: Duel (1971) Hannibal (2001) The Interpreter (2005) The Bourne Trilogy (2002-2007) Devil (2010) Universal Pictures has distributed successful franchises such as Jurassic Park and The Bourne Trilogy. The company has also acquired rights to several filmmakers’ work originally released by other studios. Universal Studios has a parent company NBCUniversal, which works with production and marketing of news, entertainment and information products. Universal would be a good distributor for our film but it would focus more on American release than British .

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After looking at major US film studios, I believe they wouldn’t distribute our film because of our small production and the British target audience. Instead, our film would suit better with UK studios as they know how to market the product effectively to the British public .

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London would be the best region to have a distribution company operate for our film. As the location we represent is London and social groups from the area, it will be perfect to have a local distributer market our film. UK Distribution companies – best regions for distribution South East seems a strong second option as our group operates there and we can distribute locally and receive greater coverage from residents. We could also arrange presentations throughout Essex to audiences. East of England or the South West would be our third option as we want to keep close with the London region and still receive a high exhibition to further release across the country and possibly sell DVDs abroad.

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Our possible distributor Vertigo Films would distribute our film because of our high level of originality. The company is known for producing and distributing original and unique films, such as the low budget but hugely successful ‘Monsters’. If we present to them our original ideas and experimentation with shot types such as the live action stalking scene, they may be interested to digitally release our film and possibly present it at film f estivals for feedback. I personally believe Vertigo Films would be the best and most enthusiastic distributor for our film due to the films they have worked on in the past. Vertigo Films would market our film effectively with the large internet campaigns it has for films it distributes such as ‘Monsters’ and ‘Horrid Henry’ with updates on social-networking websites and videos uploaded on YouTube. Vertigo Films would also help us create a professional flash website and will present our film amongst their flash film list on their website.

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Funding The UK Film Council was a certain possibility for grants to fund our film and receive a digital release using their facilities. Unfortunately, the UK Film Council was abolished in 2010. The National Lottery is the most appealing funder for our film as it has funded many successful films and has a large audience appeal. It would be perfect for us to have the National Lottery to grab our target audience and use with the money for a digital release. First Light funding help young people develop on their skills with workshops and also focuses on funding and working with beginning filmmakers to help them into the business. This funding would be good for us to receive help but it may not distribute our film for a cinema release.

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Independent cinemas that could exhibit the film I researched local independent cinemas in the South East of England with the locations and reviews to see if our film could be released for a percentage of our profit. Rio Cinema, Burnham-on-Crouch Small independent cinema first built in the 1930s. Tickets are priced at £2. Prices for sweets rival big brand supermarkets such as Tesco. Positive reviews and sell-out tickets presents Rio Cinema as a contender to release our film for profit amongst locals. Click here for reviews Picture House, Stratford and Greenwich Picture House is an independent cinema that has four screens and provides the local community with the latest big releases and British independents. With another location in Greenwich, Picture House would be a good cinema to exhibit our film in two locations and receive higher profits because it is situated in Greater London. Click here for website Curzon Cinema, Soho Curzon Cinemas are art houses spread across London that show big releases and independents. Curzon would be great to release our film as it would be released across London and would also be available to watch online with ‘Curzon Demand’, a feature that allows viewers to pay and watch films online. Click here for website Apollo Cinema, West End Apollo Cinema is a independent cinema with locations across London. The cinema shows big screen releases and also some drama productions such as ‘Carmen’. Apollo would be a good cinema for our release but the cinema would most likely want payment for a digital release than an exchange in profits. Click here for reviews

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