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This is my presentation where I explore possible locations for my theatrical trailer.


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LONDON London is a favourite location of mine, due to its variety, density and modernism. I intend to have famous landmarks featured in my trailer and unknown streets and alleyways for a dark and gritty feel to the capital. Conclusively, I hope to create a mixed representation.

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SOUTHEND Southend-on-Sea is a good location for a beach and usual amusements found at the seaside. I want to use this location for exactly that, as it brings a sense of happiness and freedom. This is perfect for a few scenes where the protagonist is out with his girlfriend .

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RESIDENTIAL AREAS I want to use a fairly quiet residential area for some of my slow shots, which include the recurring car scenes and a street scene. I also want to include a house in this area for the scenes between the protagonist and his girlfriend in their house. I believe including this location will keep the trailer domestic and more relatable to audiences instead of constant pace in London.

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With these general ideas in mind, I’ve already come up with some great specific locations I can film at already. - Rayleigh High Street, SS6 - Leicester Square, WC2H 0 Star Alley, EC3M 3 -

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