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McMurray Family Reading Challenge: September to June


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THE BOOKS OF ENOS, JAROM & OMNI McMurray Family Book of Mormon Reading Challenge

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Enos was third in the series of record keepers who maintained the record of the Nephites, a set of metal plates containing the spiritual and secular history of the Nephites. JACOB ENOS JAROM OMNI AMARON CHEMISH ABINADOM AMALEKI

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Enos was given charge of the record by his father, Jacob, son of Lehi and brother of Nephi. Both Nephi and Jacob had kept the record previously, recording First and Second Nephi and the Book of Jacob, respectively. Enos’ contribution to the record, the Book of Enos, consists of a single chapter, told in the first person, describing his own conversion and subsequent ministry. Enos relates that, while hunting wild beasts in the forest , his "soul hungered" and he knelt and prayed for forgiveness . His prayer continued throughout the day and into the night, until he heard a voice, saying: "Enos , thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed".

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Having obtained personal forgiveness, Enos continued to pray on behalf of his people, the Nephites, and was given to understand that they would be blessed "according to their diligence in keeping [God's] commandments". His faith being strengthened by these revelations, he began to pray for "[his] brethren, the Lamanites", who have become estranged from the Nephites and are now their enemies. He received a promise that the record of the Nephites would be preserved and would be brought forth to the Lamanites in the Lord's "due time".

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The Book of Jarom describes the efforts of the Nephite prophets to "keep them [the Nephites] in the way of truth". It also describes the prosperity of the Nephites- they grew in number, worked in gold and silver, built buildings and machinery, engaged in various metal works, agriculture equipment as well as weaponry. It also records conflict with the Lamanites: "wars, and contentions, and dissensions, for the space of much of the time".

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