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TECHLAB & PARTNERS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS General Company Description The Company TECHLAB&PARTNERS consultant engineers is a dynamic growing construction company which is specialized in study, management and manufacture of technical projects. Trying to combine the progress with the development in building we begun to deal with energy constructions since 2010. Construction Industry TECHLAB&PARTNERS is a construction company in Greece and its seat lies in Athens. According to its purpose, it is mobilized in the execution of construction projects of every nature, within Greece or abroad as well as the undertaking of any operation related to the wider construction scope. Target We emphasize in quality of products and in methods of buildings as we are a great choice at constructions. Our experience in energy constructions in combination with our ecological awareness, lines with the requirements of future and the modern customer. Greece Market-Opportunities Today TECHLAB&PARTNERS is one of the few companies in Greece that not only activates with reliability in prefabricated energy constructions using innovative materials and building methods, but also has a dynamic presence in construction of commercial buildings and stores of high quality. Housing and building construction have always played a key role in Greece's industrial sector and have long been a major source of income. Today, construction activity accounts for approximately 7.5 percent of the GDP and is expected to rise due to new infrastructure projects financed by EU funds. Greece has long been known for its warm climate, scenic Mediterranean coastlines, and classical archeological and historical sites. These attractions, together with its beautiful and quiet islands, delicious culinary offerings, and renowned hospitality have made Greece a popular tourist destination.

PowerPoint Presentation: Today Greece faces tough competition from Turkey, which has become a popular vacation destination, but improvement in the tourism sector does hold promise. Fully understanding its importance, the government is working to improve this vital sector of the Greek economy. First, it is attempting to upgrade facilities in the country to levels found in competitors Spain and Italy. It is also looking to expand the tourist season from 6 months to year-round through sports, hosting international conferences, and cultural tourism. Developing marine tourism with activities such as cruises and sailing excursions is another priority. To accommodate more tourists, the state-controlled Hellenic Tourist Organization is planning to expand the number of marinas (docks for pleasure boats) operating in Greece. Construction industry has seen a continuous decline and a major crisis have developed into one of the worst crisis that Greek Government has encountered. Just like the US market, Greece's has been oversupplied, large buildings and residential areas are now empty and there is no sign of stopping this trend. One of the big issues that the Greek government has to manage is the high immigrant illegal labor due to high social security taxes. Another important issue that is not allowing a recovery are the zoning regulations. There is a special need to revise and upgrade planning and building codes to produce a fast track solution or expedite process when preparing a planned community or even a small project. We are trying very hard to establish our company in those future demands by building commercial and partner and taking advantage of our healthy company and clear business. History-Board-Policy The Director and the Construction Manager both have rich professional back up in construction projects with long experience in study, construction and management of buildings and technical projects. The establishment of this team has one purpose: Designing and Construction of High Quality and Full Aesthetic Buildings and Residence complex, that improve the environment and develop people living standard. Our Company’s assets in order to achieve this goal are: - Integrity - High moral - Full and well established system - High level of Know How - Continual Training and constant Briefing of its members Our future goal is to expand our activities in other constructive sections. Our vision is the continual development. Our primary aim is really happy clients. Why choosing TECHLAB? -    Fully experienced team with fresh spirit -    High morals of its members -    Friendly and accommodating contact -    Professionalism -    Quality control -    Buildings Full Aesthetic -    Economics credibility Our well skilled scientific staff and partners apply the appropriate procedures of design, production and control to provide excellent and qualitative services even for the most demanding customers.

PowerPoint Presentation: Services LISENCES-STUDY-SUPERVISION- CONSTRUCTION:Private / Public Projects Commercial Places-Stores-Deposits/ Renovations/ Reservations ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES Bioclimatic Houses Energy Upgrade PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS: Studies/ Constructions/ Preservations Survey-Transportation Studies: Survey Depictions of high accuracy . Survey Depictions of Land Static Studies Road & Railway Bridges Mechanical Studies: Water Supply, Sewerage - Drainage Flood Protection / Demarcation - Settlement streams / Networks of Water/ Sewerage Environmental Studies: Environmental Impact Assessment Geologic Studies: Geologic Mapping Assessment of Geotechnical Researches Monitoring of Potential slips Technical Advisor: Monitoring and Observation of Studies- Writing of Tender Documents Project Management Planning

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PowerPoint Presentation: Projects Projects Completed from 2010 to today: Design-Construction house in Theologos , area O.S.M.A.E.S. Design-Construction for the renovation of the Centre for Social Care A.N.Y. Lagonisi '' E.G.N.Y.A." Design-Construction renovated stone-built three-storey house in Sirna Arcadia. Design-Construction for the construction of commercial warehouse in Skyros. Design-Construction to renovate-energy upgrade four floor building in Halandri . Design-Construction for renovation Floor House in Lavrion . Design-Construction bioclimatic house. Design-Construction of three story house in Porto Rafti . Design-Construction of three photovoltaic parks of 300KW in Laconia. Design-Construction of photovoltaic power system 10KW in Rafina . Completion fifty-six N.4014/11 arbitrary. Compilation of over 100 topographic charts. Project Management / Cost planning / Time schedule. Four star Hotel 146 beds 4,000 sq.m . in Elafonisos . Appendices http :/ www . techlabpartners . gr / The Director Alexandros Karabis Headquarters: Ethnikis Antistaseos 48 Cholargos,Attiki 155 62, Athens Greece Phone: +30 210 6829050 Fax: +30 210 6829053 Office Administrator: Research Department: Construction Department: Energy Department: TECHLAB & PARTNERS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS

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