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Mobiles have quickly emerged as the top used devices to access internet. People spend more time than ever looking at screens. Statistics show that there has been a steady increase in mobile apps usage.


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Mobile Apps Stats Trends 1. Global Mobile App Statistics.............................2 2. Mobile App Usage Statistics.............................5 3. Some Interesting Stats about the Mobile App Development Industry...........................................9 4. Mobile App Development in 2015...................14 Page 1 of 18

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1. Global Mobile App Statistics Gone are the days of getting our news via desktop computers and laptops. Mobile has quickly become the top digital media consumption platform and people spend more time than ever looking at screens. That said it is vital for marketers and advertisers to get a clear idea on smartphone adoption where the mobile app market is now mobile app usage on different devices and consumer preferences among other aspects. Here are some statistics that will deepen your understanding of the mobile consumer and help you plan your mobile strategy. Page 2 of 18

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2. Mobile App Usage Statistics People access the Internet today more through their mobile phones than through PCs or laptops. That’s a big deal if you consider that around 40 of the world’s population – 3.1 billion people – has access to the Internet today. It’s an even bigger deal if you consider that 89 of the time that people spend online with their mobile phones is on mobile apps. From being warily regarded as an anarchic upstart mobile Internet has today become your company’s passport to a digital world. Understanding how mobile users think and behave is pivotal to ensuring your company’s adaptability and success. Page 5 of 18

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3. Some Interesting Stats about the Mobile App Development Industry It has been long predicted that mobile usage would soon overtake desktop usage and the evidence gathered from various studies and surveys definitely proves it has. With mobile internet usage growing exponentially by the year development companies are now scrambling to reassess their strategies to accommodate the influx of mobile app development projects. However the one question that needs to be asked is “Are development companies well-prepared to handle the ever-growing demand for mobile applications” This infographic summarizes the current trends within the mobile app development industry. Page 9 of 18

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4. Mobile App Development in 2015 The mobile app landscape is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year. Based on a survey conducted this year with 8000+ app developers here are some facts statistics and trends on how its changing that will help developers stay abreast of the latest in the industry and retain their competitive upper hand. 2012 2013 2014 2015 Mobile App Development 2015 – Facts Statistics Trends Page 14 of 18

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