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Content marketing is a marketing technique involves creating and sharing content in order to acquire and retain existing customers. While building a quality content, use visual content which helps drive more traffic to your business.


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1. How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth Infographic Words aren’t enough to keep customers and prospects engaged these days and visual content has a major role to play in driving traffic to your business. This is primarily why we came up with an infographic on how and why visual content enjoys primacy in social media and the ways in which brands can integrate such content into their online strategy. Titled ‘How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth’ our infographic addresses three main components: why visual content is so important to the survival of brands in the digital age the significance visual content enjoys in the biggest social media platforms and finally online tools and mobile apps that brands can use to make their visual content more appealing in order to attract customers. Page 2 of 13

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2. Video Content Marketing Trends Statistics According to marketing experts there is a decided shift towards video content marketing as an integral part of a marketing strategy. Experts predict a sharp rise in video internet traffic and increase of branded video content since videos straddle the line between interactivity and brevity. This makes them effective marketing media. In our infographic below we have highlighted the trends that point towards the shift towards video. Page 10 of 13

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