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Alexander Sviridiuk is a specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helping drive targeted customers to businesses all over the world from the search engines.


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YouTube Marketing Dos and Don'ts Alexander Sviridiuk

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DO recognize that the power of YouTube marketing is in its ability to persuade and to sell an idea.

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DO use a narrative structure, even for professional or informative videos. It will help to make them much more engaging.

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DON’T have the light source behind you.

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DON’T use jump cuts unless it’s intentional for comic purposes!

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DO think hard about what you can genuinely achieve and in what time frame. Have a good think as well about the type of video that will best suit your goals.

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DO consider making videos without your camera.

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DON’T look overdressed. DON’T go in front of the camera if it’s not something you naturally excel at. Don’t let your ego get in the way!

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DO invest in high quality video editing software like Adobe Premier.

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DON’T have your music too loud or fail to take sound quality into account generally. DON’T have videos with generic or dull subjects and titles.

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DO use SEO in your videos and optimize them with thumbnails and keywords.

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DO take the time to fill out all the fields for your YouTube channel.

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DO find other YouTubers to work with.

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DO embed your YouTube videos on social media and elsewhere.

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DO have calls to action at the end – and consider asking people to share, like and subscribe!

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DON’T let your YouTube channel become a ghost town – post regularly! DON’T use too many transition effects, it just looks amateurish.

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DON’T be negative or “salesy” in your videos – you’ll just get lots of dislikes.

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DON’T make your videos too long!

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DO pay attention to your stats.

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DO record in HD!

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