Top WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2017


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Here are the Top WordPress blogs to follow in 2017


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Top WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2017 :

Top WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2017


This May, WordPress will turn 14 years old. It began as a blogging platform, but now it’s virtually the operating system of the Web with almost 30% market share. It has become an industry where there are many products and services built on WordPress. Similarly, to keep people updated, bloggers and content marketers created blogs. These blogs not only inform you about the latest WordPress developments, but they publish tutorials of all sorts. They write about applications of WordPress outside the realm of content management. But, when we talk about WordPress blogs, our minds is puzzled as there are so many of them nowadays. To make your life easy, I have filtered out the best WordPress blogs to follow so that you don’t get left behind.

WPblog :

WPblog Honestly speaking, we got lucky with the domain. In all fairness,  WPblog  is positioned as the best resource for WordPress tutorials, tips and news. WPblog regularly publishes learners’ friendly tutorials and tips. The WordPress Weekly News covers all the latest WordPress news and gossip from the past week. The website is always looking for good-quality guest contributions and welcomes plugins and themes for independent, third-party review. So all in all, a complete package when it comes to WordPress, WPblog is definitely a top WordPress blog to follow.

WPBeginner :

WPBeginner WPBeginner  is the biggest hub of WordPress tutorials. It is one of the most popular WordPress blogs and is famous for its easy to understand tutorials which are exclusively for beginners (as the name suggests). Started in 2009 by Syed Balkhi , it has quickly emerged as one of the most authentic source of WordPress information. Over the years WPBeginner has not only gained trust of many WordPress users but also of some influential content marketing personalities. The likes of Neil Patel and Chris Bogan have shown their trust by mentioning the blog on their websites.. So all in all, a complete package when it comes to WordPress, WPblog is definitely a top WordPress blog to follow.

Torque :

Torque Powered by WP Engine,  Torque  has slowly emerged as a credible WordPress blog. Launched in 2013 in the WordCamp San Francisco, it has taken the lead over many WordPress blogs and is now one of the top WordPress sources around. Torque is a popular WordPress blog with a variety of writers each having a distinct writing style making every article unique and interesting. It is known for WordPress news, interviews and tutorials. It caters to WordPress beginners as well as to Developers with some technical content. There is a “DOC POP” category where Doctor Popular, a musician from San Francisco, does video blogs which includes WordPress news and much more.


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