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Iphone Apps & features:

Iphone Apps & features


iPhone Iphone is a smartphone that is designed and launched by Apple.Iphone runs on iOS operating system.Steve is founder of iphone, a very first iPhone was released in 2007.


Generation 1st gen (also called 2G): June 29, 2007 3G: July 11, 2008 3GS: June 19, 2009 4: June 24, 2010 4S: October 14, 2011 5: September 21, 2012 5C and 5S: September 20, 2013

Features of iOS & iPhone:

Features of iOS & iPhone

Features of iOS & iPhone:

Features of iOS & iPhone IOS uses the AirDrop,with the help of AirDrop you can share your data,content,videos,website wirelessly. This is multitasking operating system that allows to perform many task at the same time. Control center of iOS gives the access of settings and apps.


Continue.. If you want to silence calls,alerts or block any number you can use Do Not Disturb settings. A really good one feature Siri that is very helpful.you can use your voice to send messages,schedule meeting,phone calls etc.Siri is just like an sagacious personal assistent.You can talk to Siri and ask about your schedule.That can understand what you say and even talks back.


Continue.. Location Services are also avilable,that allows location-based apps like Camera,Safari and other third party apps to use information from Wi-Fi,GPS to determine your location. Another feature is Passbook that keeps airline boarding passes,movie tickets,gift cards all in a single place.Now you can check in for flight or get into movie just by scanning your iphone touch.


Continue.. Emoji: In Emoji there is collection of emoticons and images,You can use these in emails or messages. My photo stream is avilable,a photo that is taken by a device, will automatically share with all other devices. In iOS,there are notifications feature that provide alerts and other related information for apps.

Free iPhone Apps 2014:

Free iPhone Apps 2014

iPhone Apps :

iPhone Apps PhotoSynth It is very user-friendly and great panorama app,when you watch your panoramas take shape when you capture. Movies by Flixter Enter a name of movie,then firstly it find out your loaction and lists nearby cinema and displays all details of show's timing. TonePad It enables you to compose very pleasing loops,you can turn notes on and off,you can edit,save,upload and share your creation or composition.

Continue.. :

Continue.. Yell Search It enables you to find local stuff.There are many categories select your term for a list and use the map to check exact location of that place. Dragon Dictation It converts your voice into text form.You speak whatever it'll display on screen in written form.It can also share your thoughts at facebook,twitter,mail. Zoopla Property Search Use this app to find properties near a particular place,you have to add post code of that location.It gives result with all relevant information related to that like marketing price,sales price and estimated values.


Continue.. Google Translate: It works on many different languages.It is very helpful,assuming you are on chat with and one can't understand your language and you can't speak in one's language,in that case Google Translator is very helpful,it 'll convert your language into another.It enables you to speak into device and listen in translated form. Skyscanner : With the help of Skyscanner you can find out the cheapest air-way to do from A to B.Skyscanner is a site but now it is provided also as an app that can be on your own mobile,so download it and now you can easily check the cheapest flight for holidays.


Continue.. Around Me It gives the detail of all nearby places like banks,stations,retail stores etc. Virtuoso Piano Free 3 It works as original piano.In this app you get two built-in voices,that can be use as playback.In Virtuoso piano keys and buttons are available.You can amend keys and buttons. TuneIn Radio You can access 50,000 digital stations.You can also use it as alarm clock.

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Contact US Our Company Moability develops the iphone apps. For more details you can visit our site: Moability Toll Free : 1800-654-5143

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