Hydra Fountain Clear for Water Feature Steriliser500ml

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Hydra Fountain Clear is a water feature fountain cleaner. It is very effective fast acting garden fountain cleaner. Also control and prevent dirt, bacteria and fungi in your garden fountain and water features. Hydra Fountain Cleaner keeps your water fountain sparkling clean and clear.


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Hydra Fountain Clear Keeps the fountain surface and other water features surfaces free of the bio-film build up. helps prevent white deposit build-up on surfaces .


Features & Advantages: Most effective product on the market, Very high dilution rates. Compatible with all types of water features and pumps. It has shelf life of 3 years. Steriliser for water keeps water clean and sterile. Helps prevent white deposit build-up on surfaces. Quick and fast results even at low concentrations . Non-ionic, odourless formula. Note: Do not use Hydra Fountain Clear in fountains and water features with plants, fish or invertebrates.


Usage Rates: 500ml of Hydra Fountain Clear treats up to 5,000L 1L of Hydra Fountain Clear treats up to 10,000L 5L of Hydra Fountain Clear treats up to 50,000L 4x5L of Hydra Fountain Clear treats up to 200,000L


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