Role of Transcription Service in Different Sectors

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Transcription mainly referred as conversion of speech or recorded audio into text formatted electronic documents. There are many types of transcription services are available for different sectors. This presentation describes about some popular transcriptions like General, Legal, Medical and Inventory Transcription. To know more, visit:


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Role of Transcription Service in Different Sectors:

Role of Transcription Service in Different Sectors Presentation By: A len BPO


Introduction Transcription Service can be defined as the conversion of speech which can be either live or else recorded to written format or else electronic documents. These services are utilized in various industrial sectors for developmental purposes .

Online Transcription Service:

Online Transcription Service To reach at top stakeholders in the market, various companies use social networks as well as online tools of videos along with audio tools . This particular type of service is quite effective in case of commercial transactions; however it has been come to the front that in case of other sectors, like- academic, media and healthcare, the effectiveness of this service is praiseworthy .


Many firms offer impressive service quality by delivering first-rate results irrespective the fact of large-sized or small-sized projects . A lot of functions, such as- legal, medical, business, media, finance and audio as well as video are specialities of these organizations .

General Transcription:

General Transcription Transcription related to seminars, various official congregations, legal events, speeches and lectures into texts or electronic documents is known as general transcribing . Effective transcription of the media files into texts whether those are in audio format or video format- It is the purpose of this transcription .

Medical Transcription:

Medical Transcription


For this transcription, proper workshops are conducted according to the guidelines of HIPPA under the supervision of expert transcriptionists . In this case, the voice medical reports provided by the physicians are converted into text format .

Inventory Transcription:

Inventory Transcription Inventory control is the major work here for which perfect report is required. So, this transcription is much more helpful in case of realtors and other real estate agencies as well as property dealers . Interim report, inventory report as well as check-in along with check-out reports are imperative in this case with greater extent of accuracy .

Legal Transcription:

Legal Transcription In case of legal proceedings, the significance of this particular transcription can be experienced. The recorded transcriptions are much more helpful in case of attorneys, paralegals as well as solicitors and other advisors . Deposition, Verbatim, Trail, General, Memorandum, Court Proceeding, Wiretap are the key legal areas in which this transcription is followed .

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