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Alexander the Great:

Alexander the Great By: Alejandra Cuevas

Childhood: :

Childhood: Alexander the Great was born in Pella in northern Greece about 365 years before Christ. He was taught by Aristotle, who really influenced him. Although he only studied for 3 years, he was very smart. He grew up thinking he was not mortal. At age 16 he was left to take care of Macedonia.

Alexander's Goals: :

Alexander's Goals: He wanted to become a divine monarch. He wanted to manage an empire. He wanted to spread Greek culture. He wanted to conquer the world.

Alexander As A King. :

Alexander As A King . It was very easy for him to take the throne because he was a skilled warrior, and genius. When he firs took the throne, the first thing he did was kill anyone he thought would threaten him, including his own half-brother.

Alexander As A King. (2):

Alexander As A King . (2) In 335 B.C Alexander lead his army to Thrace, at the age of 21. He marched 240 miles in 13 days. He defeated them, in his first major battle. About 6,000 men died, and the woman and children were sent to be slaves.

Alexander As A Leader:

Alexander As A Leader He had about 40,000 people in his army. He did not worry about a wife or family, because he was to busy with his battles. That means that after his death, he had no one to take his place. He wasn’t like most leaders, he also fought with the soldiers, instead of worrying about his safety. He also made sure that his warriors were OK. He would allow them to visit family when they didn’t fight, allow the injured to talk about how brave they were and when some died he would allow the family to not pay land-tax and personal service.

Alexander's Achievements :

Alexander's Achievements Alexander managed to conquer Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, part of India, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. With what his father conquered they managed to do more then anyone else ever has. He died due to fever and infection of the wounds he had after battle.

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