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Strategies By: Alejandra Ruiz

Make Break:

Make Break A Make Break is when you have sentences or paragraphs in the wrong order. And you have to decided where it goes it can give clues for where it goes. A make break helps you so you can know how to put things in order

Read Aloud :

Read Aloud A read aloud is when you read and you think about the story and ask questions also you summarize about what you read.

KWL Chart:

KWL Chart A kwl chart is a chart that one side you put for k what you know. For the w side you put what you want to learn. And on the l side you put what you learned. We use a kwl chart when we have a new topic this helps you learn so you can organize what you know and what you know and what you have learned.

Data Set:

Data Set A data set is a lot of paragraphs or sentences about an topic. We read it and highlight important words. Than we get categories and put the paragraph in each category. We can draw pictures, ask questions, write a sentences or more summary and we make connections.


Cloze A cloze is a paragraph or sentence. And there words missing and you have to figure out what word goes in there. There words that give clues. This strategy helps you learn by when your thinking what word goes in there your brain is working.

Think Aloud :

Think Aloud A think aloud is when write a question, summary or a connection of what you read. And helps you learn about the story.

Best Strategy:

Best Strategy I think the best strategy is the think aloud because when you are thinking, asking questions, visualizing, predicting and making connections help you understand more about what you are reading.

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