Healthy Meal Plans For Babies

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Now plan your babies meal with the help of these plans.


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Healthy Meal Plans For Babies:

Healthy Meal Plans For Babies

Try Variety:

The first and one of the main thing to be taken care of while planning the meal for your baby is to include different varieties of food items. Don’t go picky, the baby will follow the same too. It will help them become used to different flavours and help them stockpile different nutrients in their bodies . Try Variety

Encourage Drinking Water:

Water plays a major role in the digestion process and also it helps to regulate the body temperature. So, not only for the babies , drinking water is good for everyone. Get the habit of drinking water over juice. Encourage Drinking Water

Scheduled Feeding:

Instead of giving three large meals, split into five or six mini meals. Establishing set times for these meals will help your baby learn a routine. Scheduled Feeding

Taste Changes:

The taste of the baby will change in a daily basis. So no need to worry if the baby didn’t ate a specific item. You can try it giving after couple of days. This works most of the time. Taste Changes

Never Force:

Never force the baby to eat or finish all their food. Your baby will eat when he is hungry . H e will eat the types of food his body needs most. During meals allow him to eat as much or little as he wants. Never Force

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