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Great Wall China Adoption reviews, the services and contributions made by GWCA and CAN are remarkable and commendable. Great Wall China Adoption has been operating for the last 16 years, and has tremendous experience in placing children, advocating for improved legislation and international relations.


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Great Wall China Adoption - Helps In Placing Children From China All Over The U.S

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Great Wall China Adoption , along with its sister division, Children of All Nations (CAN), is a nonprofit organization which was founded by Snow Wu in 1996. She is the President and CEO of this leading international adoption agency. GWCA and CAN are headquartered in Austin, Texas, with auxiliary offices in China, and across the continental U.S.

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This organization was founded by Snow Wu, who is also the president and CEO. She migrated from China to further her education in the USA. Before moving here, she worked for the Chinese Government translating documents for them, and also touring the child and social welfare institutions. She knew she had to do something for these children , and that’s why when she came to the US she established the Great Wall China Adoption to better the plight of children in these institutions.

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Great Wall China Adoption offers opportunities for adoption from China, Bulgaria, the DRC, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Poland, Ethiopia, Latvia and more. Their two hub offices are in Austin, Texas and Beijing, China. They have successfully placed thousands of children with loving and caring permanent families. Working in tandem with their sister agency, Children of All Nations, they are dedicated to improving the lives of less fortunate children.

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