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Great Wall China Adoption, a non-profit adoption agency based out of Austin, Texas. Great Wall China Adoption reviews, state that even though adoption is a complicated and lengthy procedure, this agency deals with it in a systematic, efficient and effective manner. Their primary concern is the children and they will prioritize their well-being above all else.


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Great Wall China Adoption

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Great Wall China Adoption has been operating for the last 16 years, and has tremendous experience in placing children, advocating for improved legislation and international relations. Through this experience, Great Wall China Adoption launched a sister division, Children of All Nations in 2009. The organization has initiated many charity programs, which focuses on children’s welfare.

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The adoption agency along with its sister division CAN, is dedicated to helping the adoption of “Waiting Children” with special needs. The organization believes that waiting children are vulnerable and need love and care. They have placed more than 700 waiting children so far, and look forward to placing many more. Due to their special contribution towards the placement of waiting children, GWCA was invited by the Chinese government to host and sponsor a Hope Trip camp for children with special needs.

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As a student in China, Snow Wu toured the child welfare institutions which is where she first became aware of their conditions. That’s why when she took the initiative of running an adoption agency, she began with her homeland. Using her connections from when she translated documents for the Chinese Government, Snow Wu successfully set up a Great Wall China Adoption office in Austin,Texas and Beijing, China.

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