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As an inquisitive and bright young professional, Aldo Salinas enjoys learning about history. Aldo Salinas believes that history offers important lessons for every society and feels the study of history is a worthwhile pursuit. Although Aldo Salinas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Aldo Salinas elected to study history during his academic career. In order to positively affect the future of society, Aldo Salinas believes that society should have a firm grasp of the past.


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Aldo Salinas Proud Alum of California State University

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Cares about the Environment In Aldo Salinas’s opinion, the environment should be important to every human being. From the reduction of waste to the restoration of forests, Aldo Salinas believes that every individual has a duty to do their part to protect and restore the environment. Since childhood, Aldo Salinas has been concerned about the environment and is a strong advocate for recycling and responsible waste management practices. As an individual knowledgeable of public policy, Aldo Salinas stays up to date on policies that may affect the environment.

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Interested in Public Policy Aldo Salinas believes that every citizen should be aware of public policy. Whether on the local, state, or national level, public policy affects every individual living in a society. Aldo Salinas, a recent graduate of California State University, urges citizens to get involved in government and stay up to date about public policy. In Aldo Salinas ’s experience, getting involved in government is a great way to stay informed, contribute to the society, and help affect change.

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Travel Enthusiast Traveling offers individuals exciting opportunities. From visiting historical landmarks to meeting new people and tasting new food, Aldo Salinas knows that traveling can be an exciting experience with unending possibilities. Aldo Salinas is a political science scholar and recent graduate of California State University. As a young professional interested in international relations and public policy, Aldo Salinas enjoys learning about other countries, governments, and how international relations can be improved. Aldo Salinas is enthusiastic about his plans to travel the world.

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