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Barnett Aldon Ironworks is Albuquerque's oldest, and most established, ironworks security company – and has been "keeping Albuquerque safe" since 1968. In fact, when it comes to ironworks security, no other company can match the product selection, craftsmanship, customer service – and reputation – of Barnett Aldon.


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Albuquerque's Largest Wrought Iron Company Call us. 505-345-1878


OUR STORY Established in 1968, Barnett Aldon Ironworks is Albuquerque’s oldest and most established ironworks company. We offer a wide range of iron products that range from security storm doors and screen doors to window grills and wrought iron doors. We manufacture iron products with the highest level of craftsmanship and combine it with impeccable customer service to give you products like no other. We custom build each product to your exact specifications and offer a lifetime warranty on every door, grill, or screen door we make. Our wrought iron designs add a high level of security and a unique element of style to your home or business. 2 Call us. 505-345-1878

Our Products :

Our Products Call us. 505-345-1878


We carry a wide selection of sturdy iron products to suit any function, taste, or style. Some of our most popular products include: 4 Call us. 505-345-1878

Security Screen Doors and Security Storm Doors:

Security Screen Doors and Security Storm Doors 7” forged hinges—These heavy-duty hinges have brass bushings to carry the weight and pins that are hammered at the ends, making it impossible to remove them. Double rubber sweep on bottom to prevent rodents or insects from entering the home . All pickets are welded on all four sides for maximum security. Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your home. Having a customized Security Storm Door or Security Screen Door can add a touch of style while helping to keep out unwanted visitors. 5 Call us. 505-345-1878

What is the difference between Security Storm Doors and Security Screen Doors?:

What is the difference between Security Storm Doors and Security Screen Doors? 6 We get this question a lot from people looking to buy their first Security Door. There are two main differences: 1. Storm Doors are meant to better protect from inclement weather. The seals on a Storm Door are weather-tight, which cannot be said of Screen Doors, and Storm Doors have full glass and an interchangeable top screen. This is nice for adding insulation and light in winter while still maintaining security. In the warmer months, you can change out the top glass panel for a screen to allow for a cross breeze without compromising security. 2. A Storm Door is mounted inside the door jamb using Z-Bar. A Screen Door is mounted on the face of the door jamb. Call us. 505-345-1878


Gates Standard Features Adjustable hinges Bottom of gate is 2” from ground Slide bolt that can be locked with a padlock Optional Features Perforated metal, solid metal or expanded metal Doggie pickets to keep in pets Dead bolt lock with a knob or lever instead of slide bolt 7 Installing a Gate for your driveway, walkway, or leading into a yard can give you the extra security, style, and privacy that you desire. Our Gates are fully customizable, so whether you want an arched top, spears, or additional privacy, we can build exactly what you need. Call us. 505-345-1878

Enclosures :

Enclosures A porch or veranda is a great place to add decorative security. Our Porch Enclosures will add curb appeal to your property, allow you to show off your sense of style, and give added protection to your home. 8 Call us. 505-345-1878

Why Choose Barnett Aldon Ironworks :

Why Choose Barnett Aldon Ironworks Call us. 505-345-1878


10 For 50 years, Barnett Aldon Ironworks has been producing wrought iron products for home and business owners in Albuquerque and New Mexico. We utilize the most advanced technology and equipment in the industry to create innovative iron doors to optimize security on your property. We are a locally owned ,family-based business that serves the community by securing residential and commercial properties in the area. All of our wrought iron materials are made in the U.S.A. You can depend on us for quality work, efficient service, and competitive prices. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded team of ironworks experts that have decades of combined experience. If you would like to get a free estimate for security or decorative new work on your home or business, please contact Barnett Aldon. Call us. 505-345-1878


11 MAPS Albuquerque, NM Call us. 505-345-1878

Come Visit our Showroom:

12 Come Visit our Showroom Barnett Aldon Ironworks  Address - 4800 Pan American E. Fwy . N.E.  Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 Call Us 505-345-1878 Visit us Mon-Fri: 10am - 5pm Sat: 10am - 2pm E-mail Us Call us. 505-345-1878


Albuquerque's Largest Wrought Iron Company Call us. 505-345-1878

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