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Pharmaceutical industry is keeping pace with the drastic changes brought about by digital technology.


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Visit: Digital Revolution in Pharma Industry Pharmaceutical industry is keeping pace with the drastic changes brought about by digital technology. Advanced analytics mobile communication the cloud and the internet of things are some of the great innovations which have started transforming the healthcare industry in the way it has already transformed other industries. Most of the pharma companies in Chandigarh are well aware of this potential and have started experimenting with many digital initiatives. Some trends that are reshaping pharma industry are as follows: • Government has a sharp focus on the cost management while giving improved patient outcomes for which the pharma companies need to demonstrate the value of their drugs in real world. There are digitally enabled solutions which include not just drugs but sensors to collect and analyse the data to monitor the condition of patients between visits to the healthcare providers.

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Visit: • In this digital age most of the patients are less dependent on their doctors and willing to take greater control of their own health. There is vast amount of health information available online and by the health and fitness wearable that makes them feel empowered. The ability of the pharma companies or PCD pharma distributers to engage with patients could be the key to success of their commercial model. • There are online communities to discuss patient’s experiences various apps and sensors to track the impact of therapy and generate new insights in to drug safety as well as efficacy. In response to this the pharma companies in Chandigarh must build their capabilities to anticipate rapidly to any new sources of evidence and also be the main source of authority on the performance of their medicines. • Advanced analytics and the automation of complex decisions are increasing the efficiency quality speed and responsiveness of the business procedures in all industries. To thrive in this digital world the pharma companies will also need to deploy the next generation technologies to streamline their processes. • Digital engagement technologies have opened up a whole new world for marketing. PCD pharma distributers can now inform and influence the patients doctors and caregivers via mobile phones internet apps or social media. To get the benefits of digital technology the pharma companies will need to consider how their businesses are affected by the digital changes under way and then plan their own course accordingly.

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