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In this “How to grow your business” series, MindStorm (New York’s #1 Boutique Consulting Firm) introduced the top 3 ways to increase revenue and grow your company. The 3 ways were: 1. Get more customers 2. Increase the dollar amount of the average transaction 3. Get customers to make purchases more frequently


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Get More Clients Customers- Now In this “How to grow your business” series MindStorm New York’s 1 Boutique Consulting Firm introduced the top 3 ways to increase revenue and grow your company. The 3 ways were: 1. Get more customers 2. Increase the dollar amount of the average transaction 3. Get customers to make purchases more frequently In this piece we will be focusing on how to grow your business by getting more customers and clients. We’re going to break this up into 3 Key Performance Areas that you should focus to consistently increase your book of business: Leads Conversions and Clients. The strategies taught to you today are from a business consultant’s perspective on strategically growing your business. Let’s begin: Suppose you’re getting 100 leads per month from a few different marketing per click organic website traffic and a monthly newsletter that you mail out. Right now those leads are bringing in 10 new clients per month which makes your conversion rate 10. 100 X.10 10 Clients Simple math will tell you that if you double the leads or double the conversion rate you will have double the clients. That same simple math will tell you that if you double both you will quadruple your clients 200X .20 40 Clients But is it really that simple You have no idea how simple it can be. While most businesses struggle in this area MindStorm New York’s 1 Boutique Consulting Firm is here to give you many ways to increase your leads conversions and your clients

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Ways to Increase Leads Small Sample 1. Email Marketing 2. Blogging 3. Video Marketing 4. Social Media Marketing 5. PR Campaigns 6. Newsletters 7. Advertise on other peoples Newsletters 8. Solo Ads other email lists 9. Magazine Advertising 10. Newspaper Advertising 11. Writing Articles Magazines Newspapers Blogs 12. Pay Per Click 13. SEO 14. Content Marketing 15. Website 16. Landing Pages 17. Craigslist 18. Direct Mail 19. Telemarketing 20. Flyers 21. Display Advertising Retargeting 22. Outside Sales Teams / Street Teams 23. Joint Ventures 24. Strategic Partnerships 25. Referral Systems 26. Affiliate Marketing 27. Advertise 28. Having Better Lists brings in more leads 29. Better Copy 30. Low Barrier To Entry Offers 31. Give Away Samples of Products Free This is just a sample. We have many more. The trick is to start with one and perfect it. Once you start getting a positive return on your investment where the leads are paying more than the cost of marketing then you move on to the next. This is how you can have an unlimited budget. Often times having the right strategic partners can usually feed you more business than you can handle. These are the people who cater to the same type of clients that you do but do not have a competing product. Next let’s talk about Conversions. Ways to Increase Conversions 1. Marketing Automation Software

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2. Sales Training 3. Follow Up Systems 4. Irresistible Offers 5. 100+ Money Back Guarantee 6. Free Trials 7. Inbound Marketing customers convert more when they come to you 8. Educate Customers Better 9. Change the Buying Criteria 10. Make it Easy to Buy 11. Help Customer Buy Don’t Try to Sell 12. Become Industry Expert 13. Increase Company Reputation 14. Offer Payment Plans 15. Offer Insurance on Purchase 16. Lose Money on Initial Sale to Gain Customer Money on Backend 17. Deep Discount on Common Items Milk is cheap but raise prices on impulse buys 18. Have Different Salespeople Attempt to Convert Non Buyers 19. Add Bonuses to Better the Offer 20. Use Scripts No reading but you must have structure Again these are just a sample of what you can do. You can easily see how any one of these strategies can dramatically increase your conversion rates. Test which ones have the biggest effect on your conversion rate. Although multiple strategies can compound the effects it’s more important that whatever strategies you choose are implemented 10 out of 10 times. Not 7 or even 9 out of 10. Finally we have Clients. The first two practices alone will have more clients pouring through your door than you are used to- if done right of course. But there are still ways to immediately get more clients through the door bypassing the lead and conversion stages. Here are couples… Ways to Increase Clients 1. Affiliates that sell the product for you 2. Distributors 3. Resellers 4. Referral Partners 5. Reactivating Old Accounts 6. Reducing Attrition Many of these are broad terms that can have 3-5 ideas under each. There are many ways to structure deals many ways to reactivate inactive clients and many ways to provide more value that you lose fewer clients. Although these are small samples of what options you really have the reality is that these are the ways that we grow companies geometrically.

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If you have any questions on any of these strategies or you’d like to discuss other ones feel free to call us. Our advice is free and we’re here to help. Call our office and ask to speak with someone about some ideas you had or maybe some ideas you need. 1-844-MINDSTORM MindStorm is New York’s 1 Boutique Business Consulting and Sales Training Firm. MindStorm helps business owners and executives rapidly grow their organizations by working on 4 key areas of the business: Strategy Innovation Marketing and Sales. Call MindStorm today 1-844-MINDSTORM 844-646-3786 Source: Click Here

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