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In this PPT, we have discussed about the benefits of rock music and its types which will provide the help how to remove stress level and enjoy the life.


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Types of Rock Music:

Types of Rock Music

What is Rock Music?:

What is Rock Music? It is a popular music that organized and developed in the United States during the late 1940s and 1950s. It is combination of the jazz music, blues music and gospel music. Its original name as rock and roll music.

Types of Rock Music:

Types of Rock Music Surf Music Garage rock music Pop Music Blues Rock Folk Music Roots rock Punk Rock Metal Rock

Surf Music :

Surf Music It is a very popular music associated with the surf culture and particularly found in the Southern California. It is very popular form the 1962 to 1964 in the two major term. The first is instrumental surf and second is vocal surf .

Garage Rock Music :

Garage Rock Music It is a raw and energetic style of the rock and roll music that are evaluated in the mid of 1960s and most notably in the united states and Canada.

Pop Music:

Pop Music It is very popular music that are originated in it’s the modern form in the United states and united kingdom during the late in 1950s. The terms of the pop music are often used to interchangeably and all the other music is describe that is popular and includes the many styles of the music.

Blues Rock :

Blues Rock The blues music is a fusion generic music and combination elements of the blues and rock. They typically recreated the electronic Chicago style of the blues song by the muddy of waters like the Jimmy Read.

Folk Music :

Folk Music The folk music is very popular music which is includes both the traditional music and genre that evaluated during the 20tth centaury the folk revivals. The some of the folk music are also called world music.

Metal Rock :

Metal Rock This types of the music is also known as heavy metal music. It is a types of the rock music that developed in during in the late 1960s and early in 1970s. The bands are created the heavy metal developed the thick and massive sound and extend by the guitar solos.

Instrument :

Instrument Drum Guitar Bass

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