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Here we have discussed about the tips of folk music and its importance which will provide the help to enhance your knowledge and skill.


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Importance of Folk Music:

Importance of Folk Music

What is Folk Music?:

What is Folk Music? The folk music is created and developed by the common people and passed down from generation to generations.

What Culture Make Folk Music?:

What Culture M ake Folk Music? The folk music is found in each culture and its created by the common people not rich of that culture. But every culture is a little different so there are many types of the folk music such as: Indian folk music and Chinese folk music, America folk music etc.

Instrument in Folk Music:

Instrument in Folk M usic The most common and popular instrument are uses: Guitar Double bass Banjo Dulcimer Harp Fiddle

When There is No Instruments:

When There is N o Instruments When there are no instrument then they made the music with their voices. Other musician they create their own instrument out of what they found around the house.

What Type s of The Song Are There?:

What Type s of The S ong A re T here? In America, there are various types of the folk song are uses such as: Balled Spiritual

Balled Folk Song:

Balled Folk Song This types of the song is mainly used for tells the story, often times about the real events.

Spiritual Folk Song:

Spiritual Folk Song This types of the song is mainly deals with the religions. African and American sang many spirituals and other were about avoidance slavery and finding the some freedom.

Famous Folk Musicians:

Famous Folk Musicians Stephen Foster Woody Guthrie Bob Dylan

Characteristics of Folk Music:

Characteristics of Folk Music They commemorate historical and personal events. It was transmitted through an oral tradition. The music was often related to national culture .

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