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Albert Cyprys is an accounting student at Fairfield University who believes that for teams to be successful, individual members have to be willing to put aside their personal interests


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Albert Cyprys is studying accounting at Fairfield University, but whenever he can he picks up his saxophone to downloads new music to listen to. He has made music a primary focal point of his life, and says he loves it because it helps him connect with other people. Albert Cyprys knows that music is a universal language that inspires common human feelings and bridges gaps between cultures in a way that spoken languages simply can’t. And that’s one reason why Albert Cyprys spends time learning about and listening to music of all types. Oliver Carcano says that a business should devote a good portion of its time and money to assuring that all of their customers are satisfied. A satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement says Oliver, something new business owners all discover down the road. Albert Cyprys The Meaning of Music


Albert Cyprys Skateboard Safety Albert Cyprys loves to jump on his skateboard and race around New York, but he understands the importance of skateboard safety. And while there is a certain amount of risk, Albert Cyprys also knows that skateboarding is just as safe, or safer, than many traditional physical activities. The experiences Albert Cyprys has had skateboarding through pedestrian and automobile traffic has helped him develop a strong understanding of the need to be safe at all times. He has also come to realize the importance of safety equipment; gear that will help to keep your body safe from harm. .

Albert Cyprys The Importance of Education:

Albert Cyprys The Importance of Education Albert Cyprys knows how lucky he is to be enrolled as a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He knows that many people don’t have to opportunity to go to college, due to a lack of money, sub-standard grades in high school, or for many other reasons. Albert Cyprys has a strong and unrelenting commitment to higher education. The pursuit of higher education is a noble one, he believes, and provides many wonderful opportunities. Albert Cyprys plans to take advantage of every opportunity college affords him so that he may one day establish a successful career.

Albert Cyprys Traits of a Volunteer:

Albert Cyprys Traits of a Volunteer Albert Cyprys is committed to helping those in need in the New York area. He has a passion for improving people’s lives and for providing valuable services to those in need. Albert Cyprys is an accounting student at Fairfield University, where he is nearing graduation. He devotes most of his time to his studies, but recognizes that many people haven’t had the same opportunities that he’s had. And he thinks that it is his duty to commit himself to as much community service as he can. Volunteers like Albert Cyprys also seem to have a natural, built-in integrity that is always present.


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