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LPG is now a Renewable Energy Resource

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What do you when you add sugar glucose with some minute invisible bacteria

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❏ Yes you heard that right. You’ll get Liquefied Petroleum Gas. ❏ With this one groundbreaking process the traditional fossil fuel has now become a renewable energy resource to offer an extensive range of Industrial gas solutions.

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The Process

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❏ A group of scientist from Imperial College in London led by researcher Patrik Jones has successfully developed a new biosynthetic process which converts the traditional fossil fuel into a renewable energy resource with the help of the genetically engineered version of E.Coli bacterium.

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The bacterium is made to produce Propane that makes a large component of LPG through genetic modifications. With the help of enzymes Thioesterase the bacteria are made to produce propane instead of its normal cellular material.

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❏ The Propane released is as similar as the regular Propane chemical compound C3H8 and can be used just like the traditional fuel made fossil fuels and oil refining. This means that it is suitable for all types of solutions ranging from cooking to autogas.

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The entire results of this process have been published in the journal Natural Communication.

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❏ Since the process has just kick-started it’ll take some 5 to 10 years to get commercially feasible. “I hope that over the next 5 to 10 years we will be able to achieve commercially viable processes that will sustainably fuel our energy demands” Jones said.

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❏ Right now the team is making just a small portion of what is required for commercialization. But in mere future it can be used for a wide range of domestic and industrial appliances. The liquefied Propane can be stored in cylinders and tanks through the LPG Bottling plant to provide customized gas solutions.

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As we all know this process is a great value to the environment the LPG produced by it can be used as an Aerosol propellant gas replacing the harmful Chlorofluorocarbons which is a great cause for the ozone depletion. Moreover they are safe to use and aims at maintaining a non-pollutant atmosphere. This gas can be instrumental in providing air- conditioning and refrigeration.

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Oxy-fuel welding and Oxy-fuel cutting are two different processes which require fuel gases to weld and cut the metal respectively. The LPG can be used as a fuel gas and also used for the welding cutting equipment.

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Concluding Notes

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To our surprise the team hasn’t rested on its laurels instead they are planning to produce the same results with the photosynthetic bacteria. This means that we can get gaseous fuel right from the solar energy sun. With the renewable energy the future is bright for our future generation.

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