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Know your LPG: Safety Tips Tricks

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Liquid Petrol Gas has become an indispensable part when it comes to cooking. Though it is the most preferred gas for cooking people aren’t aware of its safety and disaster that surrounds it. Utmost care is taken in storing and transporting the Bulk Industrial Gases but when it reaches the hands of customers are you handling it safely

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While Buying Installation

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❏ Always buy from a Top Gas Company to minimize your risk of getting into troubles. ❏ Check for the company seal and make sure the cap is intact. ❏ Return the gas to your supplier if the seal is broken. ❏ If you are a beginner or not sure about the safety choose and ask any cooking gas suppliers in Dubai for a demonstration. ❏ Install your gas at the floor level and avoid keeping it in a cabinet or below the floor level. ❏ Keep your gas upright in a cool and well-ventilated place.

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While Cooking

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❏ Keep windows and door open to ventilate your kitchen. ❏ Avoid using synthetic clothing and aprons while you cook instead opt for cotton. ❏ Don’t keep anything flammable or plastic items close to the stove. ❏ Never leave vessels unattended. The overflowing may extinguish the burner resulting in gas leakage. ❏ Keep your refrigerators away from the kitchen. Power fluctuations in them might cause fire if there’s a gas leakage. ❏ Always turn off the regulator and knob when not in use.

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In case of Leak

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❏ Call your service provider or any Industrial Gas Manufacturers and seek advice. ❏ Don’t panic. Close the burner knob and regulator. ❏ Open all your windows and door to ventilation. ❏ Don’t operate any electronic appliances or switch in the kitchen.

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❏ Companies delivering LPG In Dubai also offers support and maintenance. So when in doubt call them and ask for help. ❏ Get your LPG and gas appliances served periodically.

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