How to Choose a Men's Wedding Band


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How to choose a men’s wedding band is a how-to-guide on picking the best possible ring for your groom. Learn how much time you should spend searching for the perfect ring as well as what new materials are being used for wedding bands.


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Choosing the right material for a men’s wedding band:

Choosing the right material for a men’s wedding band When choosing a men’s band, take into account a material appropriate to his lifestyle. Modern men’s wedding bands are not just made from gold or platinum; wedding bands are now being made with titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, ceramic, and even wood.

Choosing a band style:

Choosing a band style Men’s band styles vary from traditional to contemporary. Choose according to a man’s personal style. It is also important to consider the type of finish a man’s wedding band will have.

Have a budget in mind :

Have a budget in mind For a man’s wedding band, spending about 3% of your total wedding budget is normal. Shop with your budget in mind for about 2 months in order to have enough time to research prices. Average prices for gold bands are $400-800, while prices for platinum are $600+. Alternative materials can be significantly less than either gold or Platinum.

The fit:

The fit Make sure to finalize your ring size when your body temperature and the ambient temperature is normal. Sizing in the morning or after exercise could cause an incorrect fitting. A “comfort fit” band will fit more loosely than a band of the same size with a traditional flat interior. This is because the surface area contact with your skin is less with a comfort fit band. A wider band will fit tighter than a thinner band, so be sure to get sized with a band of the same width as the one you'll be buying.


Style Make sure the style of the wedding band is one he would enjoy wearing for a long time. Taking into account a man’s personal style is important in order to find a fitting ring. Stay away from unusual stones that may not reflect his true style.

Make it meaningful:

Make it meaningful A wedding band is the most meaningful of rings, and adding an engraved message or significant date can make it more significant. The engraved text on a wedding ring should always be of personal significance to it’s wearer.

Include him in the process:

Include him in the process It is important that both bride and groom be involved in the decision making process for the groom's wedding band. But he's the one wearing it, so...

Matching rings?:

Matching rings? Brides and grooms sometimes choose to wear a similar type of wedding band style to compliment each others bands. It is not necessary to match each other’s bands. Make sure your band reflects your own personal style.

Inspect for quality:

Inspect for quality Gold and Platinum wedding bands should include marks on the inside of the ring that indicate the type and purity of the metal. Make sure you inspect your wedding bands before leaving the jewelry store!

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