Corporate Housing Know How

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Corporate Housing Know How:

Corporate Housing Know How


Synopsis Corporate Housing Makes Sense Studies show temporary lodging is necessary for effective company policy 5 Important Details to Keep in Mind The Benefits of Corporate Housing The Corporate Housing Advantage Corporate Housing or Hotel- The Difference Demand for Corporate Housing on the Rise Demand for corporate housing markets is on the rise Corporate Housing in Demand More Than Ever Corporate Housing is in the Spotlight

Corporate Housing Makes Sense:

Corporate Housing Makes Sense Why Choose Corporate Housing Corporate housing offers more than a hotel in most cases. If you will have to stay more than a couple of weeks, you will want all the amenities of home. When taking long trips from home you will not want to have to order out for food every day or search for a place to do your laundry. With corporate housing, there’s no need to worry. Corporate housing offers all the luxuries of home Corporate Housing Shows Growth Data and recent reports show that the rate of corporate housing use is growing at a steady pace. With millennials now in the workforce, there is a growing need for corporate housing. It is estimated that about 70% of consumers book their own corporate housing. This number continues to grow as word gets out about the perks of leasing corporate housing. Although hotel rooms are great, the experience of staying in corporate housing just makes it feel more like home .

Studies show temporary lodging is necessary for effective company policy:

Studies show temporary lodging is necessary for effective company policy When to consider corporate housing Baby Boomers tend to have an ambitious attitude and expect good service everywhere they go. Generation X possesses some knowledge or awareness of technology, think globally, and expect professional accommodations. Lastly, the millennials live completely online and are highly social. They live in a technology-dominated world and expect the best service. Avoid hidden fees The use of corporate housing allows companies to avoid hidden hotel or resort fees. Extended-stay hotels often charge more for extended reservations, but corporate housing companies are much more lenient and understand the importance of getting work done in a timely manner. This will give the tenants peace of mind while they are trying to complete a project or work abroad .

5 Important Details to Keep in Mind:

5 Important Details to Keep in Mind Fact Number One: Marketing Trends " 37 percent of respondents say they spent $500 or even more in their yearly advertising and marketing efforts", and in Corporate Housing Rental Report 2016 that amount has really diminished, with the caveat that many owners signalled "they were satisfied with their outcomes than in previous years ". Fact Number Two: Marketing Resources Several have begun to rely on three crucial advertising and marketing tools, with corporate housing by owners since the preferred choice instead of the laborious and less successful dedicated website/social networking strategy. Fact Number Three: Marketing Results The vast majority of "by owner" landlords say that they utilize online advertisements/internet marketing for their corporate housing possessions. Many find the very best qualified prospects with corporate housing by owners (77 percent) in addition to getting the most tenants from online advertising .

5 Important Details to Keep in Mind:

5 Important Details to Keep in Mind Fact Number Four: Internet Reservations The 2013 report spoke with the "by owner" section asking how they felt about real time booking reservations, where the corporate land is leased via a computer site along with the property owner doesn't have any interaction with the renter. 23 percent of respondents say they've used these apps. But, it's currently only 36% responding "no," they'd not let their company property without speaking to the renter (down considerably from 48 percent in 2013). Fact Number Five: Corporate Housing By Owner Services Of those using the services provided by corporate housing by owner certified programs, many of them use the following tools most often: Number One - Service documents page (this page provides important documents necessary for those in the corporate housing sphere). Number Two - Background checks service Number Three - The property listings service Number Four - a property owner handbook

The Benefits of Corporate Housing:

The Benefits of Corporate Housing Affordability. The data shows that the average daily price for a hotel is estimated at $120.01. Staying in hotels for multiple days at a time can really start to add up. If you have to stay somewhere more than a couple of nights, Corporate is housing is the way to go. Hotels are at a disadvantage in comparison as they cannot offer as many amenities to the traveler without charging more in fees. Comfort. Corporate housing often provides better furniture and creates a more comfortable situation for the weary business person. Nicer beds, comfy couches, dining areas and work spaces make for a much more pleasant stay. This is due to the fact that corporate housing is perfectly suited for the busy businessman or woman unlike hotels which seek to lend itself to anyone in need of a place to stay. Kitchen. Corporate Housing offers a full kitchen. No more struggling to find a place to eat. No more drive thru dinners and eating in the rental car. In Corporate Housing you won’t have to sacrifice your diet to stop your stomach grumblings. Hit the grocery store and cook healthier meals in your own kitchen. With the money you save you can even splurge on some cookies !

The Benefits of Corporate Housing:

The Benefits of Corporate Housing Laundry . Remember when your mom taught you how to do your own laundry? Corporate housing often provides a washer and dryer for you to do your own laundry. Doing it yourself saves you from spending money at the laundromat or on dry cleaning. When you see the savings, don’t forget to call and thank your mom! Cleaning services. I know that many people love staying in hotels because they don’t have to clean up after themselves. It’s such a nice feeling knowing that someone else is going to come in and make the bed, clean the bathroom and takeout the trash. If that is your deciding factor on choosing a place to stay while traveling for business, take a second look at Corporate Housing. It’s not a hotel, but cleaning services may still be available. Location. With Corporate housing you may be able to cut down on your commute to and from work each day. With less travel time, stress may be alleviated and things like road rage will become obsolete .

The Corporate Housing Advantage:

The Corporate Housing Advantage Less stress creates happiness Companies that provide corporate housing for their clients or employees do not need to have a 12-month lease agreement. Corporate housing provides a month by month lease agreement. Stresses such as locating a home, packing your belongings, and expenses are non-existent. Corporate housing is an all-inclusive and fully furnished option. Providing a Home Corporate housing provides a home away from home. It is a place to stay for clients and corporate employees. A place with all the amenities and furnishings allows tenants to be healthy, well rested, and comfortable. Most of the time, corporate housing allows clients and employees to bring their families and even their pets. This environment can only lead to happiness .

Corporate Housing or Hotel- The Difference:

Corporate Housing or Hotel- The Difference When consumers must leave their primary residence for an extended amount of time, they still want to feel at home in the place where they are staying. Choosing to stay at certain hotels does have its perks, but there always seems to be something missing. Hotels are great if you can get one with a pool and other amenities, but not all hotels offer everything that is desired. When choosing a corporate home or apartment, the consumer understands that everything is included. Everything means the furniture, the appliances, and more. The apartment is ready for the consumer and all that is needed are clothes and food.

Demand for Corporate Housing on the Rise:

Demand for Corporate Housing on the Rise Higher Demand Due to Generational Trends The interest millennials have in temporary housing could be due to a lack of desire for big commitments like housing contracts, or for an increase in multinational corporations. With recent advancements in technology allowing individuals to communicate over a broader international network, more young professionals are traveling and so require temporary corporate housing options. More Non-Traditional Tenants This spike in non-traditional tenants is due to an overall increase in demand for corporate housing. When choosing between temporary or corporate housing over a hotel, many travellers feel this saves costs and allows them to take out short-term contracts with a leasing company. Increase in Tech and Healthcare Workers As technology is always advancing, there is a higher need for specialized workers who are trained to work on advanced projects. These projects are typically at least thirty days long and often require the worker to travel from their home office. This is also true for the healthcare industry, as there has long been a need for traveling nursing.

Demand for corporate housing markets is on the rise:

Demand for corporate housing markets is on the rise Diversified options Short-term rentals usually offer more diversified options including space, locations, amenities, and nightly rates. These customizable options can allow travelers to choose which accommodations they need to create a more comfortable stay. This creates a more upscale and professional travel experience. Planning for the future The corporate housing industry is always fluctuating, which is why it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Based on statistics alone, it is easy to see how the demand for temporary housing has increased since 2016. Because of this, large corporations should look into alternative housing methods aside from hotel stays. This is not only a tactical decision, but an economical one that is better suited for the well-being of employees.

Corporate Housing in Demand More Than Ever:

Corporate Housing in Demand More Than Ever Americans who work abroad and come back to America to visit with family and friends. Travelers who will be visiting certain areas during certain times of the year. For instance, the couple who resides in Florida visiting Colorado in the winter months for a ski vacation. Emergency situations where a family may have to be out of their home for more than thirty days. Those who are traveling with children and want the convenience of a home over a hotel room. Having all the amenities right at your fingertips is easier with small children. Most corporate housing come equipped with washers, dryers, and cooking ranges .

Corporate Housing is in the Spotlight:

Corporate Housing is in the Spotlight The Best Option For Interns Each year, there are 65,000 interns who travel to get experience. All of them need a place to live. The competition to get interns into a comfortable home is high. For companies to provide housing for up to 3 months can end up costing thousands of dollars. This is where corporate housing comes in. Corporate housing can cost less than $3,000 a month, which is the average cost for many apartments in New York or any big city. Do You Love to Travel If you are someone who loves to travel the world, corporate housing is the most convenient place to stay. There is an expected increase in seasonal tenants. Up north where I live, we get many people who travel here in the winter to practice skiing for the olympics . In the summer, many people come up here to stay before heading back down south before the winter hits.

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