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Google Professional- Data-Engineer Demo Braindumps Questions Answers are Below Down

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Professional-Data-Engineer Braindumps Question Answers 1 MJTelco is building a custom interface to share data. They have these requirements: They need to do aggregations over their petabyte-scale datasets. They need to scan specific time range rows with a very fast response time milliseconds. Which combination of Google Cloud Platform products should you recommend A. Cloud Datastore and Cloud Bigtable B. Cloud Bigtable and Cloud SQL C. BigQuery and Cloud Bigtable D. BigQuery and Cloud Storage Answer: C

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Professional-Data-Engineer Braindumps Question Answers 2 MJTelco’s Google Cloud Dataflow pipeline is now ready to start receiving data from the 50000 installations. You want to allow Cloud Dataflow to scale its compute power up as required. Which Cloud Dataflow pipeline configuration setting should you update A. The zone B. The number of workers C. The disk size per worker D. The maximum number of workers Answer: A

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Professional-Data-Engineer Braindumps Question Answers 3 Flowlogistic’s CEO wants to gain rapid insight into their customer base so his sales team can be better informed in the field. This team is not very technical so they’ve purchased a visualization tool to simplify the creation of BigQuery reports. However they’ve been overwhelmed by all the data in the table and are spending a lot of money on queries trying to find the data they need. You want to solve their problem in the most cost-effective way. What should you do A. Export the data into a Google Sheet for virtualization. B. Create an additional table with only the necessary columns. C. Create a view on the table to present to the virtualization tool. D. Create identity and access management IAM roles on the appropriate columns so only they appear in a query. Answer: C

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Professional-Data-Engineer Braindumps Question Answers 4 Flowlogistic’s management has determined that the current Apache Kafka servers cannot handle the data volume for their real-time inventory tracking system. You need to build a new system on Google Cloud Platform GCP that will feed the proprietary tracking software. The system must be able to ingest data from a variety of global sources process and query in real-time and store the data reliably. Which combination of GCP products should you choose A. Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Storage B. Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Dataflow and Local SSD C. Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud SQL and Cloud Storage D. Cloud Load Balancing Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Storage Answer: C

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Professional-Data-Engineer Braindumps Question Answers 5 Flowlogistic wants to use Google BigQuery as their primary analysis system but they still have Apache Hadoop and Spark workloads that they cannot move to BigQuery. Flowlogistic does not know how to store the data that is common to both workloads. What should they do A. Store the common data in BigQuery as partitioned tables. B. Store the common data in BigQuery and expose authorized views. C. Store the common data encoded as Avro in Google Cloud Storage. D. Store he common data in the HDFS storage for a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster. Answer: B

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