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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 2 Disclaimer This e-book has been written for information purposes only. Every effort has been made to make this ebook as complete and accurate as possible. However there may be mistakes in typography or content. Also this e- book provides information only up to the publishing date. Therefore this ebook should be used as a guide - not as the ultimate source. The purpose of this ebook is to educate. The author and the publisher does not warrant that the information contained in this e-book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this ebook. www.millionairelifeadvisor.com

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 3 Table of Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................... 5 Chapter 1: The Types of Leads and What They Mean ................................................ 8 The Life Cycle of a Lead .......................................................................... 8 Cold Leads .......................................................................................... 9 Warm Leads ...................................................................................... 10 Qualified Leads .................................................................................. 10 Lead Scoring and Categorization ........................................................... 11 Chapter 2: Playing the Long Game – Create Leads Not Customers ...................... 13 Branding and Leads ............................................................................... 17 Chapter 3: How to Create Interest and Sell the Dream ............................................ 21 The Buyer Persona ................................................................................ 22 The Value Proposition ............................................................................ 24 Chapter 4: How to Build Trust and Influence ............................................................ 27 What is Content Marketing ................................................................... 28 Chapter 5: Building a List Through a Squeeze Page ............................................... 31 Design .................................................................................................... 32 Using Incentives ..................................................................................... 34 An Example of the Copy ........................................................................ 35 Chapter 6: A Guide to Writing Persuasive Copy ...................................................... 37 Good Copywriting .................................................................................. 39 Chapter 7: Creating Leads Face-to-Face and Through Other Means ..................... 41

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 4 Chapter 8: How to Convert – Turning a Lead Into a Buyer ...................................... 44 Introducing AIDA .................................................................................... 45 Minimizing Risk ...................................................................................... 46 Urgency and Scarcity ............................................................................. 47 Sales Funnels ........................................................................................ 49 Chapter 9: Lead Management Software Explained .................................................. 51 Choosing an Autoresponder................................................................... 53 MailChimp: ......................................................................................... 53 AWeber:............................................................................................. 53 GetResponse: .................................................................................... 54 Chapter 10: The Best Lead Generation Methods...................................................... 54 Finding Cold Leads ................................................................................ 55 Making Warm Leads .............................................................................. 56 Getting Qualified Leads .......................................................................... 56 Converting Leads ................................................................................... 57 Conclusion and Summary .......................................................................................... 58 www.millionairelifeadvisor.com

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 5 Introduction The best internet marketers and businesses know that the single most important activity they can engage in is building leads. This is the difference between success and failure and it’s truer in today’s world of online business than it perhaps ever has been. So just what exactly is a lead Why does it matter so much And how do you go about building one Put simply a lead is someone who might become a customer. A lead is someone who has had some kind of contact with your business and some sort of interest in your brand. They are interested they are tempted and it only takes a little effort on your part to then push them over the edge so that they will become buyers. But wait a moment: if a lead is just someone who might one day become a buyer then how can a lead possibly be more important than a buyer And what does this have to do with the state of business today Surely a lead today is the same as it always has been

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 6 Essentially what makes a lead so important is that a lead is someone who might go on to make many more purchases in future. A lead is someone who has unlimited potential for you as far as your business is concerned. Now a buyer is a type of lead in some cases but not every buyer is always going to become a lead in future. If you have a lead before you have a buyer though this suggests they are engaged with your brand and thus potentially likely to come back and buy from you more in future. Instead of thinking ‘how can I make a quick sale’ the question should be ‘how can I increase my customer lifetime value’. There’s another reason that leads are so important when compared with customers which is that a lead is much easier to make than a customer. If you emphasize trying to make as many customers as you possibly can and if you try and force the issue then your site is essentially just going to become a horrible exercise in sales talk. This might generate some revenue for you but it’s also going to turn a lot of people away from your site and away from your brand never to return Creating a lead on the other hand simply means encouraging someone to place down their contact details and crucially to give you permission to contact them again in future. That is much easier to convince someone to do meaning that you don’t need to use heavy handed sales techniques and meaning that you’re not going to drive anyone away from your site. This creates a subtle shift in your approach to business too. Suddenly you’re no longer trying to do everything that you possibly can do to convince people to buy from you. Instead you’re just trying to build a relationship with them and establish trust so that they’ll hand over their details. And then once you have those details you can be much smarter about the way you try and sell to them. You can time your attempt better so that you are selling to them at a point when they’re likely to want to buy and you can build up their interest more and more in whatever products you have. Join The Millionaire Life Club Members Area

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 7 So simply switching your focus from sales to lead acquisition is going to transform the way you approach business and give you a much more value-centric approach. In turn this will ensure that you build an army of loyal customers that you can sell to again and again. What’s more is that this will also change the way you approach marketing your site. This means a shift from overt SEO and sales talk and a switch to better social media marketing and content marketing. It means providing value at every possible opportunity and ultimately this will all lead to happier customers and more revenue. What You Will Learn Changing from a sales-oriented approach to a leads-driven approach then is one of the very best decisions you can make for your business and it will affect much more than just your immediate revenue. With that in mind this book is going to teach you everything you could need to know about building and using your leads. You will learn:  All the different types of leads and how they vary  How to build a mailing list  How to increase trust and authority in your niche  How to use lead management software  How to make sales from leads – turn leads into customers  How to write an effective squeeze page  How to make leads excited for a product  How to build leads in person  How to create a large following on social media by selling your ‘dream’  Why having a brand and a mission statement is so important  And much more Find Affiliate Products To Promote

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 8 Chapter 1: The Types of Leads and What They Mean In internet marketing the term lead can be used fairly broadly to encompass a number of different things. In fact though the term ‘lead’ actually comes from sales and sales teams around the world have done a lot of work to define the term categorize it and break it down. This is useful for reading for anyone interested in making more leads for their business as it will help you better understand what you’re trying to do and how you can measure your success. The Life Cycle of a Lead In sales we talk about leads as having a ‘life cycle’. That is to say that a lead will develop from one ‘type’ of lead to another as they become more engaged with your brand and as they become more likely to buy from you. Generally the lifecycle is as follows:  Cold leads

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 9  Warm leads  Qualified leads  Sales qualified leads So what does this mean Cold Leads First we have the cold lead. The cold lead is the lead that you have only just acquired that knows nothing about your business and that as yet has no interest in your product or service. They are a lead though because you have their details/contact with them and because they fit into your target demographic and your buyer persona. You know all those calls that you get from companies trying to sell you insurance PPI and other services you don’t want They are calling you because you are a cold lead. In other words they bought your details most likely from another company because they know you fit their demographic. Now they know who you are they have the means to contact you and you are someone who is likely to want to buy from them. Their mistake is trying to go straight in for the sale – cold leads haven’t given permission or shown any interest and so they’re not likely to buy right away. If you try and make a sale from a cold lead it will likely lead to a backlash. If you are an internet marketer then hopefully you aren’t buying mailing lists or followers – these are marketing methods that are generally doomed to failure. Our equivalent of this then is a visitor to our website – someone who we now have access to but who may well have just landed their by accident. Find Affiliate Products To Promote

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 10 Warm Leads However you got your cold lead your next step is to convert them into a warm lead. Better yet there are ways of ensuring that your leads are warm when they first reach you which can save you a lot of trouble and effort. The warm lead has everything that the cold lead does – they fit your target demographic you have the means to market to them and they are statistically likely to buy from you. Their big difference is that they have shown some actual interest in your brand if not your product and hopefully even given you permission to contact them. This might mean they have followed you on social media it might mean they’ve joined your mailing list or it might mean that they have sent you an email praising your site and all your hard work. These people haven’t necessarily indicated that they want to buy from you but they have demonstrated some kind of liking for your brand and your ethos. These people are thereby much more likely to buy in future when compared to people that you’ve never had any contact with. Qualified Leads A qualified lead is then a lead that has taken the next step and gone from being interested in your brand to being interested in your product. That means they have somehow shown interest in buying from you – perhaps they have asked for more information about a specific product for example or perhaps they have added your product to their cart or to some kind of wish list. Maybe they backed your product on Kickstarter even. They might have asked for a quote or they might literally have told you they want your product. Either way the qualified lead is now someone who wants to buy and who just needs that tiny push in order to actually take the plunge. You can also categorize leads as sales qualified leads SQL and marketing qualified leads MQL. This is a term that is generally used in

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 11 businesses with separate sales and marketing departments. It depends on which team qualified the lead and very often an MQL will be passed immediately onto the sales team to become an SQL. Sometimes you will also see the term ‘IQL’ or internet qualified leads. This is what this book will largely be dealing with. Lead Scoring and Categorization There are more ways to think about your leads and to categorize them. Some companies for instance will actually ‘score’ their leads and use this as a measure of how likely they are to buy from you. Only once the lead has reached a certain level do you then go on to actually try and sell to them by sending a special offer by email or by getting a member of the sales team to give them a call. How do you score leads as an internet marketer That’s up to you – but ultimately the more data you can collect the better. You might for instance score your customer in terms of engagement with your brand How often do they visit the site How many of your emails do they open Do they comment on your posts and in terms of the interest they’ve shown in buying from you. So for example a lead with a good score will be someone

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 12 who has done Google searches for your specific product who has spent time looking at the item on your ecommerce store and perhaps who has actually made a purchase in the past. Finally you should also categorize your leads based on their demographics. That means thinking about their age sex income location and more. This is important because a lead that has more money is more likely to spend more money with you and a lead that meets certain criteria will be more likely to buy specific products that fall into categories they’re likely to be interested in. Find Affiliate Products To Promote

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 13 Chapter 2: Playing the Long Game – Create Leads Not Customers In the introduction we looked in some detail at the importance of creating leads versus customers and we discussed why leads were on the whole more valuable. A good lead is much more likely to have a higher customer lifetime value versus someone that you persuade to buy out of the blue. Moreover it is much easier to build a large number of leads than it is to create a large number of customers. But we also mentioned how leads could impact on your business strategy and actually help you to alter your approach to business such that you would have a better brand and be able to offer more value to your visitors and to your customers. Perhaps a good way to look at this would be to illustrate the point using an example. Let’s imagine two websites – one that focusses on sales and one that focusses on leads. The website that focusses on sales would most likely have a ‘Buy Now’ button front and center right on the home page. The text would be focused

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 14 on making a sale and it would continuously reiterate how great the product was and why people should make a purchase there and then while ‘stocks last’. The social media channels would likely take a similar tact and would be full of promotional posts along the lines of: ‘Find out why our tills are second to none’ ‘Want to serve customers faster and keep your costs down Our till system is better than all the rest’ ‘Buy now and save 50 Hurry while the offer lasts’ All this might work to some extent. If someone is in the market for that specific product – a till in this case – then they might see the offer and buy. The same could be true for a supplement company. Let’s say you’re selling a protein shake and you make your home page a single ‘sales page’ telling people to buy your protein shake raving about the flavour and listing all the powerful ingredients. Your social media might read: ‘Get buff with Super Shake Plus’ ‘50 Offer – Get Muscles for Less’ And once again this might help you to convert some sales if people come across your site. But ultimately the vast majority of people are going to see these adverts and they’re going to want to leave. This includes people who run high street stores and people who want to build muscle. Unless they’re in the market for your specific product right at the point that they discover your page they’ll probably just be annoyed by your flagrant attempts to sell to them they’ll leave and they won’t come back. You can expect to make a 5 conversion rate at the very best and your customer lifetime value will depend purely on the quality of your product. The problem is that you’re now trying to take your cold leads and turn them into buyers. You’re doing nothing to ‘warm them up’ first and you’ve not

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 15 demonstrated any value or given them any reason to trust your brand. Essentially this is the equivalent of cold calling. To put this in dating terms it’s like seeing someone in a bar that you like the looks walking over to them and asking if they’ll come back to your place. You might find that this works once in every one thousand attempts but it’s going to tarnish your reputation and it certainly won’t maximize the quality or quantity of positive responses The Lead-Centric Approach Now let’s take a look at the lead-centric approach. Now your aim is not to try and get someone to buy from you but rather to get them to be interested in your business. You want to take them from a cold lead to a warm lead by getting them to see the value in your business In dating terms this means your aim is now to try and get a phone number rather than to take people home with you – which in the long run is more likely to mean people end up going home with you. Moreover you’re not going to ask for that number right away but instead demonstrate value first by showing how witty and nice you are to spend time with So when it comes to lead generation this means that your website might provide lots of information for small businesses or for people trying to get into shape. The website will have a strong brand and will present itself as a ‘movement’ or a lifestyle. People will want to get involved and they’ll see that exciting things are going on here. Your Facebook posts won’t all be about making sales – you’ll share interesting facts post inspiring pictures and link to articles that people might find interesting. You’re now giving them a reason to check back. This then means that you’ll not only capture the people who are directly looking to buy your product but rather you get the attention of everyone who is interested in your niche/industry. That means any small business owner or any person interested in fitness might follow you on Facebook or subscribe to your mailing list. They are now warm leads.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 16 This then means you have the option to repeatedly contact them and to spend a long time gradually trying to turn them into qualified leads. You’ll do this by continually providing great quality content so that they stay subscribed and keep coming back but at the same time you’ll also let them know that you have these exciting products or you’re working on something new. Now at any point where they need a new till or a new protein shake they might think to look into what you’re offering further. They know you’re able to offer good value they already trust and recognize your brand and the option is constantly being offered to them. You’ve drastically increased that customer lifetime value because at any point they can make the option to click buy. What’s more is that their brand loyalty means they’re more likely to be impressed with your product and they’re more likely to order again and again. If you’re currently just tweeting about how good your business is and wondering why no one is following you it’s because you’re essentially cold calling or spamming. You’re not providing any value and you’re not warming anyone up. Stop thinking short term and start thinking about the long game Find Affiliate Products To Promote Now

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 17 Branding and Leads Another example of how focusing on leads rather than sales improves your business can come from the importance of getting your branding right. This also means understanding what a brand really is and how you should approach creating one. Because to a lot of people a brand simply means a company name and a logo. This is your brand and it basically means stamping your name on everything so that people know it belongs to you. Right Wrong A brand should be a a mark of quality and b a philosophy. That philosophy is really important because it’s what will get people to get behind your website and it’s what will get people to really believe in what you’re doing. This is how you build loyalty and it’s how you get people to wear your t-shirts spread the word and really want you to succeed.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 18 If your brand is all about making money and you give yourself a bland name like ‘Advanced Systems LTD’ then it’s hardly going to be inspiring. So instead start with your mission statement. This is a single proclamation of what you want your business to achieve in a few words. How are you going to make life better for people How are you going to differentiate yourself from people Don’t just think about what you will make but why you are making it. What is the value that you intend to offer your users and the world in general Here are some examples: Ikea At IKEA our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well- designed functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Amazon It is our goal to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online. Coca-Cola To refresh the world in mind body and spirit. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions. To create value and make a difference. Facebook Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share make the world a more open and connected. Google Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. GET AFFILIATE PRODUCTS TO PROMOTE

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 19 Intel Delight our customers employees and shareholders by relentlessly delivering the platform and technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live. McDonald’s McDonald’s brand mission is to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink. Microsoft Our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Nike To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body you are an athlete. Starbucks To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person one cup and one neighbourhood at a time. Twitter To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers. Whole Foods With great courage integrity and love – we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us our communities and our planet can flourish. All the while celebrating the sheer love and joy of food. Warby Parker

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 20 Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially conscious business. Pret A Manger Pret opened the doors of its very first shop with a mission to create handmade natural food avoiding the obscure chemicals additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today. So why does this matter so much and what does it have to do with lead generation Simple: if you want your visitors to be interested in your brand to engage with your content and to be inspired enough to invite you to contact them – then they need to believe in what you’re saying. They need to not only like your products and see your branding as a mark of quality that they can trust – they also need to agree with what you’re trying to achieve and want to identify themselves as supporters of your brand. More people will eat at Pret who believe that there are too many additives in food. More people will sign up for Ikea’s newsletter because they believe that furnishings can help make life better for everyone. People will be more likely to get involved with Warby Parker if they can relate to that ‘rebellious spirit’. People will like Microsoft if they want to personally reach their ‘full potential’. This is the difference between creating a business with the aim to sell in the short term and creating a business that has an ethos and that will create real fans and lifetime leads. Get Brand Inspiration

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 21 Chapter 3: How to Create Interest and Sell the Dream Your mission statement is also what will inform the creation of the rest of your brand it is what will ensure you have a consistent message across all of your marketing and sales and it is what will help you to come up with a ‘value proposition’ that is just too good for your customers to ignore. If you have a genuine mission statement behind what you’re trying to accomplish and if you really know what your business stands for then this is something that can help you to create your logo and your web design. Are you trying to promote a natural and healthy way of living Then perhaps you might choose a green logo that evokes a feeling of natural products and healthy green living Are you trying to help build the future and create a more technologically enabled world Then perhaps your web design will have a very modern and high-tech feeling maybe your jingle will be electronic in nature.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 22 Trying to help people be stronger and more empowered Then perhaps your branding and marketing will revolve around strength and power with big bold fonts and daring quotes Make sure that your passion and your vision permeates everything and people will be much more inspired by your branding. The Buyer Persona The biggest mistake you can make in this regard Trying to appeal to everyone When you try and appeal to everyone it means that you’re not going to have a strong enough message or a strong enough identity. While you might have a better chance of selling to the widest possible audience by not alienating anyone you’re also not going to appeal to anyone enough to create those ‘true fans’ that are 100 behind your brand and that can make all the difference for your sales visibility and success.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 23 This is why you need to come up with your buyer persona and this will then inform your lead generation. If you recall we discussed the importance of categorizing leads by their age location sex income interests etc. This is because you want to target a specific type of person with your branding and marketing who is already more likely to become a warm lead. If you sell wedding dresses then you’re going to want to target women who are engaged. Moreover you’re going to want to target women who have roughly your budget to spend and who like the style of dress you’re creating – whether that’s very traditional whether it’s ‘princess’ like or whether it’s shabby chic. You’re going to have a very hard time if you insist on trying to turn make a married man who hates spending money into your warm lead for a wedding dress Likewise you’ll find it’s much easier to embrace your ‘shabby chic’ style and be the number one wedding dress maker for that design rather than watering down your message and appealing to everyone. By committing to your vision you’ll have more passionate followers and you’ll have a more specific niche that you can market to meaning you’ll have more specific places to market yourself as well. Once you know exactly who your audience is then you need to profile them and create a ‘buyer persona’. This is a fictional biography informed by your mission statement as well as market research and that will give you an exact market and also help you know precisely where and how to market to those people. You can then think about how to reach those people how to inspire those people and how to show them that your brand is for them. Examples Pret A Manger is the company we looked at earlier that sells sandwiches and coffee and that believes in using natural healthy ingredients. Their buyer persona is going to be someone who is young interested in their health perhaps busy and in a rush and probably something of a ‘hipster’. They are probably interested in sustainable living and they probably love good food. They are likely located in the city and have a modern lifestyle.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 24 Conversely Nike’s buyer persona is going to be someone who is interested in bettering themselves. Perhaps not an athlete but someone who sees themselves as an amateur athlete. They are likely to be urbanites and they probably like running cycling or football. They’re likely young healthy and fit. Define your buyer persona and you will find you are much better able to find yourself cold leads that are just waiting to be made into warm leads. The Value Proposition The next important concept here is your value proposition which will be born straight out of your mission statement. Now you’ve discussed how you want to impact the world and what the ‘mission’ of your business is the next thing to think about is how you’re going to impact each of your customers and how you’re going to change their lives. This is important because it not only informs your mission statement but will also be what you use in all your marketing and sales talk. This will be the ‘hook’ that turns your cold leads into warm and qualified leads. It is what shows your buyer persona that your business is practically made for them It is also what’s going to define your marketing approach and it is what’s going to help you to write your sales pages your squeeze pages your product descriptions and more. The best way to understand value proposition is to consider an old saying: “You don’t sell hats you sell warm heads.” So what does this mean Simple: it means that you’re selling more than just the materials and design of your products you’re selling what your products actually do for people. You’re selling a lifestyle a dream or an end result. LEARN THE EXACT STEPS

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 25 Let’s say that you sell dumbbells. You might think that you sell a piece of metal – and that’s possibly the approach that the buyer-centric company would take. But in fact what you’re selling is ripped bodies an action packed lifestyle confidence and health. That’s what your product does and that’s what people get by using said product. Likewise if you sell clothes then think about how you want your customers to feel in those clothes and who those customers are. Do you want them to feel modern sexy and on trend Do you want them to feel professional powerful and important This is your value proposition and it’s what you’re going to use to sell and to create leads. Selling the Dream Through Social Media One great example of how this might work is on social media. Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a fitness company that’s all about the passion and drive of training and that’s all about the feeling you get from being at the very top of your game. Moving away from the sales-centric approach to social media we now know that writing posts saying: “Our training t-shirts are 50 off this summer” or “Our training shirts are made with the best materials”. We are not trying to sell we are trying to inspire and trying to get people to want to see more of what we do. And the best way to do this is by selling the value proposition and by selling the dream. So in this case that might mean having an Instagram account and filling it with photos of people curling weights in the pouring rain people wearing cool wraps around their fists people hitting punch bags people running on the gym looking healthy and confident or people looking exhausted after a particularly tiring workout. This is how you sell the dream and the idea and if the images are cool people will want to buy your products so that they can make that vision their reality. By inspiring people with your mission statement and your image you will create fans and people who want the same things your company is offering. This is a far

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 26 more effective way to build revenue in the long term than just trying to sell sell sell Make High Converting Landing Pages

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 27 Chapter 4: How to Build Trust and Influence Building leads is more important now than ever especially with there being more competition and more ‘noise’ for you to try and cut through. By having a clear mission and a clear audience and then selling them that dream you can help to reach the right people inspire them and turn them into warm leads. But if you want someone to buy from you then it isn’t quite enough to just show that you dream the same dream and you know what they want. What you also need to be able to do is to demonstrate that you have the capability to help them get what they want. You need the vision and you need the trust and influence so that people see you as a good resource for information and a trusted brand for buying from. This is the reason that content marketing has become the single most important tool for internet marketers and has managed to unify all the other approaches to marketing online.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 28 What is Content Marketing If you build a website and want to market it so that you generate as much traffic and as many leads as possible then you have a number of different options. One option is to use advertising – by using PPC campaigns Pay Per Click for instance and targeting your precise buyer personas through targeted ads on Facebook and Google. This will bring the right kind of person to your site. Another option is to use SEO. SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is basically the process of ‘optimizing’ your site in such a way that it will show up high in the search results on Google. You do this partly by creating content for Google to ‘index’ and partly by building in-bound links which will demonstrate that your site is trusted by others and help Google to find it more easily. SEO is a good strategy too because it helps you to find leads that are already qualified. That’s because you can try to ‘rank’ for keywords search terms that directly relate to your products. For instance if you can rank for the term ‘buy hats online’ then you’ll be attracting qualified leads from people who want to buy hats. Finally you have the option to create a social media page which you can use to reach out to a big audience and hopefully to have your content shared. Chances are that the people who share your content will share it with people who are similar to them and therefore more likely to pass your leads to others that fit within your buyer persona. But none of these methods are particularly effective at taking your cold leads and turning them into warm leads. SEO targets people who are already qualified leads PPC markets to people who are cold leads and social media is mainly useful for keeping your leads engaged once they’ve already become warm leads and demonstrated an interest in your brand. We’ve seen how you can sell a dream on social media but we haven’t yet seen how you can bring people there in the first place.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 29 This is where content marketing comes in – which can be used alongside all of those other methods of promoting your site and attracting leads while additionally allowing you to build trust and authority thereby encouraging more sales and helping to develop your leads further through the lead cycle. In essence:  You write long detailed posts providing lots of value  You share those posts on social media and create links to them  You create ‘guest posts’ for other sites  You encourage people to subscribe and share The idea then is that each of these posts will provide some kind of value thereby demonstrating to your audience all of the things that you’re capable of delivering and demonstrating that you have the kind of expertise they’re looking for and can be trusted to provide more value through your products. People who initially stumble upon your content will not instantly buy from you but they will notice that you’re offering good value and they’ll hopefully think to bookmark the page so that they can come back in future to read more in the future. If you continually offer great value then they might subscribe. And then when they have a specific question or they want to buy something specific you will be the person they think of because they know that you’re capable of offering the value and the knowledge that they need. CREATE HIGH CONVERTING LANDING PAGES

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 30 Once again you’re focusing on slowly developing leads and establishing trust and value rather than going straight in for the kill and putting people off. But the reason this works so well is that you’re also going to be building inbound links and if your content is really high value then people will link to you of their own accord and you’re going to be creating lots of content for Google to index. And Google’s ranking algorithms have gotten smarter. Google can now tell what content provides real value and useful information as opposed to being a spammy attempt to try and get as many people as possible to buy right away. Google’s aim is to help people find the information they’re looking for. So if you are providing useful information to a particular audience then your aims are aligned with Google. Once again the shift to a more lead-centric business has helped to improve other aspects of your marketing and your branding. In this case it has helped you to come up with a cohesive internet marketing strategy that is built around gaining trust and building authority

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 31 Chapter 5: Building a List Through a Squeeze Page On top of your blogging and your social media something else you’ll need is a squeeze page where you can build your list. This is a highly important tool because it is what you’re going to use to convert your cold leads into warm leads – and email subscribers are the best types of warm leads because they are giving you a direct line of communication that isn’t reliant on a third party like Facebook. Some more reasons to strongly consider email marketing over other methods:  E-mail marketing has a ROI of 4300  91 of consumers will check their e-mail AT LEAST once a day… Create High Converting Squeeze Pages

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 32  Surveyed companies rate e-mail marketing as more profitable than: PPC advertising content marketing affiliate marketing display advertising mobile ads social media marketing or direct marketing…  66 of US consumers above the age of 15 say they have made purchases as the direct result of an e-mail campaign…  1/3rd of consumers say they open e-mails based on the heading alone Moreover giving their email and inviting you to contact them is a much bigger step and suggests a particularly engaged reader. This is someone who is very likely to read what you have to say and to be persuaded by the content that you subsequently send them. Your squeeze page is a single page that you are going to dedicate purely to generating subscribers. This is like a sales page in that it has a singular purpose and will use persuasive text and design to encourage people to fulfil that purpose. The only difference is that you’re trying to get people to part with their personal email rather than with their cash – which theoretically should make it easier So how do you build a list using a squeeze page Design The first thing to think about here is the design and in that regard things are kept pretty simple. The only design guideline for a squeeze page is to try and keep things simple in order to minimize the number of distractions on the page. Your aim is to try and avoid people clicking away from the page and to keep them reading your copy – which means you want to minimize adverts for other things as well as menu items etc. that will make them click away. Otherwise though you can treat this like any other static page on your blog. Best Drag Drop Landing Page Builder

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 33 Make sure that you place your ‘subscribe now’ button somewhere prominent and easy to read and try to put it near what is known as the ‘terminal point’ for that page – this is the last point the visitors will see – normally the bottom right hand corner of the page. For your ‘sign up’ button you need to use an autoresponder which will help you to create the form and design it to match the colorscheme of your website. Make sure that your buttons stand out by using contrasting colors but also that they match the scheme of the site and don’t look out of place. Your autoresponder is also going to be what will help you to manage your leads and we’ll look at this in more detail in the chapter on lead management. High Converting Drag Drop Squeeze Page Creator

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 34 Using Incentives Another tip when trying to get people to sign up for your mailing list is to use incentives. Incentives are generally freebies that people will hopefully want badly enough in order to agree to part with their details. Very often this will mean that you give away some kind of ‘free report’ that provides information about your niche and that the visitors can only get by signing up. They’ll then hopefully join your mailing list in exchange for getting that free PDF and should feel as though they’ve gotten a good deal. When doing this though you also need to be careful. The problem with giving away free incentives is that you can end up with people signing up for your mailing list just to get the report and who aren’t really interested in your messages. This is a mistake because you now have a list that is much less targeted and much less ‘warm’ that you initially thought. A lot of people will give away ebooks as their incentives but this is making a big mistake. Not only does an ebook incentive encourage too many people who are just hunting for freebies but it is also something that a lot of people won’t actually read or use. That in turn means that a lot of your visitors will end up owning copies of ebooks that they have never gotten around to

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 35 reading and this is now going to make them less likely to spend money on another ebook from you for obvious reasons What’s more is that giving away an ebook for free communicates that your ebooks aren’t worth paying for – this is especially destructive if your business model is going to at any point involve selling ebooks For these reasons giving away a free report is actually a better strategy than giving away an ebook – especially if you can provide real value in a short number of words But what is even better than that Making your emails/newsletter into the incentive themselves. This means that you should make sure that your emails are going to provide value by offering extra information. extra content and more entertainment. Likewise you should talk about your subscribers as VIPs and make them feel like they are exclusive members of your brand and have privileged access to things that other people don’t you should also refer to them throughout the rest of your content so that people are continuously reminded that your mailing list exists and that it’s the best way to get your very best content. And finally perhaps surprisingly in light of everything we’ve said thus far you can also turn special offers and discounts into your incentive. If you tell your visitors that they can get access to the very best deals and money off by subscribing to your list then you are essentially attracting qualified leads. In other words if they’re signing up because they want to get money off your products that suggests they must be interested in said products. That makes them qualified leads and highly targeted for you to subsequently market to. An Example of the Copy There are lots of ways you can do this but one of the best examples can be found on Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek blog. He has created a very simple

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 36 squeeze page titled ‘7 Reasons to Subscribe’. He hits all the points we just touched upon perfectly and also throws in a little humor for good measure: 7 Reasons to Subscribe 1. You never have to check the site for updates again and you get the latest and greatest first. 2. It’s totally free. 3. 1000000+ monthly readers means something–the content works. And using e-mail or RSS saves you wasted visits. More results in less time. 4. Exclusive content and competitions–from cutting-edge gadgets to round-the-world tickets–are often limited to subscribers only. If you want the rarest opportunities subscribing is the way to go. 5. Your info will never be shared with anyone. I hate spammers as much as you do. Scout’s honor. 6. Subscribing is worth testing for a few days just to experience it. Decide you prefer visiting Just unsubscribe with one click and you’re back at the campfire. 7. Subscribers are smart and hot. In the next chapter we’ll look at some tips regarding persuasive copy and this will help you see in even more detail why this strategy works so well. MAKE HIGH CONVERTING SQUEEZE PAGES NOW

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 37 Chapter 6: A Guide to Writing Persuasive Copy When building leads you’ll find that persuasive copy is a very useful tool. In traditional marketing and sales you would use sales patter in order to convince people on the other end of the phone to become warm leads or to make a purchase. If you’re working online then of course you don’t have this luxury and that means instead you’re going to have to rely on the written word. Thus your sales copy becomes your sales patter and it is now up to your writing to persuade people who are seeing your site for the first time to sign up and to convince people who read your site regularly to put down their hard earned cash and become paying customers. So how do you do this and what is the secret to good persuasive copy The first tip is something that we’ve already seen in play during the course of this book: focusing on the value proposition. What’s key to recognize here is that people don’t buy products because they need them. In general people don’t buy products using their logic or reasoning. Instead people buy products based on an emotional impulse. This is almost always the

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 38 case and that means your job is to get them to feel emotional about your product and get that gut feeling that makes them really want it. You do this by describing what life will be like with your product and by making sure that they really want to make that happen. You speak to their wants and needs and you make your product or service sound hopeful. Are you tired with being tired Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning with boundless energy ready to take on the world Do you struggle to meet people This book will show you everything you need to know to feel 100 confident in approaching members of the opposite sex. Whether you just want a bit of fun or you’re looking for the one… This book can help you get those abs that you have ALWAYS wanted but never quite been able to achieve… This is what creates that feeling of desire and makes them want the product right away. At the same time you’re also trying to build confidence and trust just as you have been with your blog posts and content marketing. If you’ve already been doing all that and putting in the ground work then you’ll find that this is much easier. To build more trust you can try alluding to stats and figures by showing how the statistics back what you’re saying and support your product or your idea. Likewise you can also demonstrate your trustworthiness by sharing reviews from other customers and by giving ‘social proof’. This also has an additional positive knock-on effect because people always feel more inclined to put money down when they see that other people have done likewise: we are naturally social creatures and we are very influenced by what other people do. On top of all that you can also appeal to authorities – if you can get a recommendation from a doctor a researcher or someone recognized in your field then that will be worth a lot to you. OUTSOURCE ANY DIGITAL WORK FOR 5

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 39 Good Copywriting This is how you make your copy persuasive but what you also need to do is to make sure that people are actually reading it – it also needs to be well written and fit for purpose. To that end you need to ensure that your writing style is good and that you are capable of writing large passages of text with minimum errors. The aim of any good writing is always going to be to convey as much information as possible in as few words as possible. This becomes especially important with persuasive copy where your main challenge is going to be keeping people on the page and dissuading them from leaving to go elsewhere. Get to the point quickly then and use efficient language that quickly conveys what you’re trying to say. Another way to engage readers and grab their attention is to use a narrative structure. This means creating your sales pitch or squeeze page in a manner similar to a story – perhaps telling how you were once ‘like them’ before you discovered your method for working out/getting into shape. Remember not to push this too hard and to stay true to your mission statement – but do try to sell your story in an engaging way that will make people want to read. We are naturally inclined to want to listen to stories and we find it very hard to turn off from a story if it is unfinished. Using this structure is a very good way then to reel people in and keep them there and you can even use ‘cliff hangers’ at the end of your paragraphs. One more tip: keep in mind that people tend not to read things in depth. Again time is of the essence for most of us these days and we don’t have time to sit down and read a huge diatribe convincing us to buy something. This is why a lot of online SALES PITCHES will use things like underlined words and italics in order to try and let people SKIM READ the information more quickly. You should also try to use lots of headings which can help to break up large blocks of text. Use longer and more descriptive headings and this way you should be able to tell your whole story through the

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 40 headings. That way if someone skim reads through all your text and all they actually read are the headings it will be enough for them to understand everything they need to know about your pitch and potentially to buy something. For a great resource on copywriting head to www.copyblogger.com Fiverr

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 41 Chapter 7: Creating Leads Face-to-Face and Through Other Means Everything we’ve looked at so far involves generating leads online and taking those cold leads from people who have stumbled upon your website or seen your ads and turning them into subscribers and later buyers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also build leads in person – and in fact there is a lot to be gained from this. The great thing about building leads in person is that you have the opportunity to persuade them there and then to take an interest in your brand. You don’t have to sell it to them but if you talk passionately about your business then you will often find people take an interest naturally. www.millionairelifeadvisor.com

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 42 I do most of my work in coffee shops around London which is a very metropolitan city. When people see me typing away on my laptop they will often approach me and ask what I do. I’ve found several jobs and made important connections this way and I find it really helps to carry cards on me so that I can hand them over when someone asks about my work. Consider doing the same and that way you’ll never miss out on the opportunity to turn someone you’ve just met into a potential lead Likewise you can build leads in person by going to tradeshows and networking events. This is actually a very good idea if you work online as it can help you to mingle with important people within your industry. Networking is something that a lot of people who work online tend to avoid – often they chose to work online in order to avoid having to talk to people In fact though this is one of the most important things you can do for your business and can lead to all kinds of opportunities. If there are networking events in your city… go to them

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 43 Marketing in the real world can also be a useful way to build more leads. One of the best things that any business can do is to have its website address on the side of its van along with something that will get people to look at it. This can create some qualified leads without that company having to do anything The same goes for fliers and leaflets – the recipients will start off as cold leads but when they get in touch knowing what it is you’re selling they will be qualified leads. The same goes for t-shirts with your address printed on them corporate gifts and these will work even better if you hand them out to your visitors. This also helps to make those visitors feel even more like they are a part of your movement and simply by wearing your t-shirts they will be increasing their engagement and their ‘score’ as leads. Finally consider any contacts you already have that you can potentially use to build more visitors and leads. This is something that a lot of people forget to do or even feel too shy about their business to try. We don’t like the idea of marketing to our friends and family and especially if we aren’t confident in our businesses. But think about it like this: if you don’t have the confidence to market to people you already know and who will support you how can you market to people that you don’t know If you don’t take your business seriously enough and aren’t proud enough of it how can you expect anyone else to take it seriously Your friends are also the people most likely to forward on your emails to like your social media posts and generally to help you grow your audience. Don’t overlook them because this can end up leading to exponential growth And in many cases you might well know someone who can help you to build a lot of links – you may someone who can offer you a great route to market. In fact the savviest business strategy of all is to look at your existing contacts and opportunities and then create a business/product based around that opportunity. If you happen to know the editor of a top magazine and they owe you a favor then creating a blog aimed at that very same audience may just be the best thing you can do

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 44 Chapter 8: How to Convert – Turning a Lead Into a Buyer So now you’ve built your leads and you’re growing your regular readers your subscribers your Facebook likes and more. You’re starting to see more engagement with your blog and your brand and you have a strong product that you can target to a specific person. What’s left is to give those leads that last push to turn them into buyers. So how do you do this Create Powerful Autoresponders

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 45 Introducing AIDA The strategy that most marketers use is something called AIDA. This stands for: Awareness Interest Desire Action

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 46 So assuming that you have an engaged audience of warm leads you now need to make them aware of your product. This is the first step in your marketing and it’s something you might want to do gently at first rather than trying to sell right away. You can do this for example by including a small advert in one of your blog posts or emails. Likewise you might try mentioning early on that you’re working on something that your audience will be interested in in future. This makes them aware of your product without trying to force it down their throats and the fact that they can’t have it yet can actually work in your favor – we are naturally inclined to want what we can’t have and the more they wait the more excited they’ll become The next step is to get them interested in your product. That means explaining what it can do how it’s different and why they should be excited. From there you then need to make them desire the product and this is where a lot of what we’ve been talking about comes into play: you’re going to be emphasizing that value proposition and you’re going to be talking about the emotional impact your product or service will make – how it will make life better for people. Use the persuasive writing tips we used earlier and build on the trust that we’ve already established. Finally you need them to take action. This is the hardest part but the key is to get them to act quickly before they think about it. We buy things based on emotion and this is almost always an impulse. Get them to commit at that point where they most want your product. Here are some tips to make that final push and to generate conversions. Minimizing Risk One part of this is minimizing risk. Even with the help of authorities social proof and facts and figures people will still worry that: A Your business is a scam and you’ll keep the money without ever sending the product

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 47 B Your product or service won’t do what you’re promising in the case of your mailing list this might mean that you’re just going to use it in order to send out marketing messages or you’re going to pass on the details. People are naturally risk averse so if there is any chance of things going awry it will likely put people off of buying your product or subscribing to your list. To get around this you need to do everything you can to minimize and mitigate any risk. One example is to include a free sample free trial or money back guarantee. In his squeeze page for example Tim Ferriss points out that there is no risk because visitors can simply unsubscribe again if they don’t like the emails they’re receiving. Likewise you should assure your readers that you’ll never pass on their details and that the product will arrive quickly and in good condition. A strategy I always recommend for businesses making money by selling products through an ecommerce store for instance is to sell multiple products and include some very cheap ones. If you do this then you can prove to them that you deliver on time and that you provide good value for money while the stakes are relatively low. This then makes it much easier for you to convince them to buy later when you’re trying to sell those ‘big ticket items’. This is especially true if your customers have saved their card details and address with your store. Urgency and Scarcity So now your audience should want your product and trust you. They should see there being no risk. The final step is to make them take the plunge and buy from you rather than going away to think about it. Remembering that most purchases are emotional in nature this is the best way to sell and if they go away you will inevitably lose a lot of those buyers.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 48 This is why you need to create ‘urgency’ and ‘scarcity’. Create the impression that your items are limited in number and/or that the offer isn’t going to be around forever. This is something you should often use when you have leads with a high score or that have shown an interest in your products and are already aware of them. Sometimes they just need that last push so you need to email them and tell them that you are offering 20 off for 1 week only or that your product is just about to run out. This then can get them to take that plunge rather than to wait and think about it before eventually deciding against it. This can also help you to avoid buyers’ remorse. Essentially you’re trying to remove the ‘guilt’ that comes from someone buying something. By making out that they are saving money by acting quickly or by pointing out how your item could represent an investment in the long run you can remove that little voice telling them not to go ahead and buy. Create Powerful Autoreponders Now - 30 Days Free

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 49 Sales Funnels Finally think about using sales funnels and spreading out your AIDA process through each of these steps. A sales funnel is basically a series of interactions you will make with your visitors that will take them from cold leads to warm leads to highly engaged fans to buyers to lifetime customers. A sales funnel should involve progressive steps that increasingly require more commitment and engagement from your visitors. So for instance: Step 1. Finding and reading your site content. Step 2. Subscribing to your mailing list. Step 3. Attending an online seminar. Step 4. Buying a small very cheap product. Step 5. Buying your ‘big ticket item’.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 50 It is often said that you require ‘five touches’ to take someone from a cold lead into a buyer who is willing to spend a lot of money. This aligns very neatly with everything we’ve discussed so far and allows you to use various different strategies to build your leads and develop them over time. Make High Converting Funnels With Email Integration

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 51 Chapter 9: Lead Management Software Explained Something that can help with all this is good lead management software. Lead management software is essentially contact management software CMS or C or an autoresponder but with added features that let you see the demographic information about your contacts and even things like lead scores. Some of the best lead management solutions will integrate with your ecommerce platforms and even your website allowing you to see which of your visitors have opened the most emails and what they’re interested in buying. You can then automatically send out emails that offer special offers or follow up messages to your most engaged and qualified leads. Another great method you can use here is to use remarketing which is a simple process that will allow you to market to the same people who have already looked at your items in the past. Google actually provides this service through its AdWords advertising platform – allowing you to show

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 52 ads for specific products to users who have previously viewed those items in your store. If you’re looking for the best CRM software then you might consider something like Volusion www.volusion.com which will allow you to combine your email marketing your ecommerce store and your sales page all in one package. Other CRM packages include Salesforce Zoho HubSpot and Pipedrive. For most internet marketers though you will be able to get away with using a regular autoresponder which will let you keep track of your email subscribers and then send messages out to all of them or just to select members. You’ll also be able to keep track of engagement by seeing which users open the most messages or click on links. That way you can then message the specific users that have the best looking lead score with your attempted conversion.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 53 Choosing an Autoresponder When it comes to choosing an autoresponder MailChimp www.mailchimp.com GetResponse www.getresponse.com or Aweber www.aweber.com. None of these is free but they all provide all of the different tools for not only managing your mailing list but also using basic contact management. Aweber for example will let you see who opens the most messages it will let you add notes to your contacts and it will let you see things like how long they have been members of your list. Deciding on which one to use might come down to looking at price differences for many people. Here is a breakdown of the price structures for each of the big three autoresponders: MailChimp: Subscribers Monthly Fee 500 10 1000 15 10000 75 20000 150 30000 215 40000 240 50000 240 AWeber: Subscription Plan Fee Monthly 19 Quarterly 49 Yearly 194 This is then on top of the following monthly fee:

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 54 Subscribers Additional Monthly Fee 500 N/A 501-2500 10 2501-5000 30 5001-10000 50 10001-25000 130 25001+ Not Listed GetResponse: Subscribers Monthly Fee 1000 15 2500 25 5000 45 10000 65 25000 145 50000 250 100000 450

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 55 Chapter 10: The Best Lead Generation Methods At this point you should have a solid understanding of how lead generation works. More than that though you should recognize how it actually plays a much more important role when it comes to designing your business model. Lead generation is about making people want to subscribe to your brand and making them passionate about your mission. It’s about setting out to do something worthwhile and reaping the benefits – rather than setting out to make a quick buck. But just to recap on the basics let’s look at some of the most important strategies you can use to generate cold leads to turn them into warm leads to build qualified leads and then to sell to your customers… Finding Cold Leads First make sure that you have a clear mission statement and a well- defined buyer persona. Then use the following methods… Lead Gen Methods

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 56  Buying lists or details  Using flyers  Using PPC advertising on Facebook and Google to target your demographic  Going to events  Handing out business cards  Don’t overlook LinkedIn – especially for B2B leads  Using routes to market – such as online communities or even things like industry magazines Making Warm Leads You can warm your leads up by making sure you are promoting the lifestyle and your value proposition through social media and by providing value in your posts. Then…  Get them to join a mailing list  Or follow you on social media  Get them to get in touch with you make this your aim rather than a sale if you are writing copy for a business  Use incentives to encourage subscriptions – the best incentive being a mailing list that offers real value  Use the right persuasive copy to convince people to sign up Getting Qualified Leads  Use SAID to get people to want your product  Use a sales funnel  Use SEO with your content marketing so that people find your site already wanting your products  Encourage people to sign up for more information or for special offers on certain products  Monitor your leads’ behaviour and give them a lead score. Use CRM software to contact the most qualified leads.

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 57  Sell something cheap but similar Converting Leads  Offer special offers and deals to your most qualified leads  Use follow up messages  And remarketing  Use urgency and scarcity to make them act quickly  Remove buyers’ remorse  Remove risk  Minimize the barrier to sale – make it as easy as possible for your customers to make a secure transaction without going through a lengthy process to enter their details. Using all these different methods you can then find new cold leads and take them from that point to being qualified leads that are willing to buy your products. From there make sure that you look after your customers – provide a very good product or service that will reflect well on your brand offer them money off and let them know about your future products. Perhaps the best qualified lead is an ex-customer. Remember you’re thinking about your customers in terms of their lifetime value so make sure you’re doing everything in your power to make sure your customers want to keep coming back. Make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger have a mission that people can get behind and keep putting yourself out there Generate Leads All Day Posting To 8 Social Media Platforms At Once

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 58 Conclusion and Summary If you have understood everything in this book then hopefully you now realize why a lead is more important to go after than a customer. A lead is someone who likes your brand and who has given you permission to market to them in future. Not only is this someone that you can now market to in future in order to make more profit from in the long term but it is also someone that trusts you and that believes in your mission statement. Likewise you hopefully recognize that it’s not appropriate or effective to try and sell to people that have never had any interaction with your brand in the past. Your aim is to build interest warm them up and develop that relationship so that you are someone they trust and respect before you start trying to make money. This will be much easier than trying to sell cold and it will provide your customers with more value and better service. And this is the strategy that is recommended by Google and that will work best with a solid content marketing campaign. This might mean rethinking your brand and your mission statement but if you can create a clear mission aimed at a clear persona and then introduce that audience

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LEAD GENERATION AUTHORITY 59 gradually to your products you’ll find that your brand can grow and thrive like never before. Understand what leads are how to categorize them and how to approach them is only a small part of making this work. The key is to really know the people behind your leads what they want from you and how you can best offer that and share your vision with them. IMPORTANT: To help you further take action print out a copy of the Checklist and Mindmap I provided. You’ll also find a Resource Cheat Sheet with valuable sites posts and articles that I recommend you go through. READY TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR LEADS GET AFFILIATE PRODUCTS TO PROMOTE NOW

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