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Presented By -: Sapna Sharma and Vandana Dept. Of Electronics & Comm. Engineering Raj Kumar Goel Institute Of Technology For Women THE HUMAN ARM AS TOUCH SCREEN Skinput:


Contents Abstract Introduction What is Skinput Principle of Skinput How it works Advantages Applications Future Implications Conclusion

Abstract :

Devices with small sized have some limitations. Since can’t make buttons and screens larger without losing benefit of small sized. The main reason for appropriating the human body as an input device are: roughly we have two meter external square surface area easily accessible by hands Abstract

Introduction :

skinput turns our body into touch screen interface. Thus we can use our own skin as input canvas. This technology uses the screen as the tracking surface or the unique input device. Introduction

What is Skinput:

GIving input through skin. Was developed by Chris Harrison (Carnegie Mellon University), Microsoft Research. Skinput turns the body in to a touchscreen interface . What is Skinput

Principle of Skinput:

It "listens" to the vibrations in your body. skinput” also responds to various hand gestures. The arm is an instrument . Principle of Skinput

Technology used:

Skinput, the system is a marriage of two technologies: the ability to detect the ultra low frequency sound and the “Pico” projectors Tiny pico projector applies the use of a projector in a handheld device. An acoustic detector detects the ultra low frequency. Technology used

Slide 8:

WHAT MAKES IT WORK ? Bio-Acoustics Bluetooth Pico-projector

How it works:

It needs Bluetooth connection. It uses a microchip-sized Pico projector to display menu. An acoustic detector to detect sound vibrations . How it works

Slide 10:

Pico-projecto r it is also known as pocket projector or mobile projector The system comprises four main parts The electronics The laser light source The combiner optics The scanning mirror It has the ability to project a clear image.

Slide 11:

Study of sound waves inside living body. When a finger taps the skin, several distinct forms of acoustic energy are produced. Longitudinal waves Transverse waves Bio-Acoustics

Slide 12:

Transverse waves . tapping on soft regions of the arm creates higher amplitude transverse waves than tapping on boney areas. Longitudinal waves These longitudinal (compressive) waves travel through the soft tissues of the arm, exciting the bones, which are much less deformable then the soft tissue but can respond to mechanical excitation by rotating and translating as a rigid body

Slide 13:

Figure 2. Transverse wave propagation: Finger impacts displace the skin, creating transverse waves (ripples). The sensor is activated as the wave passes underneath it. Figure 3. Longitudinal wave propagation: Finger impacts create longitudinal (compressive) waves that cause internal skeletal structures to vibrate. This, in turn, creates longitudinal waves that emanate outwards from the bone (along its entire length) toward the skin.

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Bio-Acoustics:sensing These signals need to be sensed and worked upon. This is done by wearing the wave sensor armband.

Slide 15:

Processing:model An audio interface is captured from sensors and is converted to digital signal form. This is connected to a pc/system via bluetooth . A software to match sound frequencies to specific skin locations is used. Corresponding action is implemented to system.

Percent accuracy:

To maximize the surface area for input, we placed the sensor above the elbow, leaving the entire forearm free. This reduces confusion and increases input consistency. Percent accuracy

Slide 17:

Figure 8. Accuracy of the three whole-arm-centric conditions . Error bars represent standard deviation .

Advantages :

No need to interact with the gadget directly. Don’t have to worry about keypad. People with larger fingers get trouble in navigating tiny buttons and keyboards on mobile phones. With Skinput that problem disappears. Advantages

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Applications: Mobile Gaming i -pods Simpler browsing systems An aid to paralyzed people

Slide 21:

Future Implications With small sized pico-projectors,skinput oriented systems,are an emerging trend. Research is carried out for smaller wrist watch sized sensor armband.


We have presented the approach to appropriating the human body as an input surface. We described a novel wearable bio acoustic array used to detect and localize finger taps on the hand and forearm. This system performs very well even if the body is in motion. Conclusion

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The floor is now open to questions.

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