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Akranunionmade is a Union Made Promotional Products Company in Ottawa. We propose to make it as easy as possible for you to select quality union-made promotional products for your branding. It is with great pride that we introduce the most unique and innovative union-made promotional products created in the USA and Canada in a long, long time. https://www.akranunionmade.com.


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About Us • Itiswithgreatpridethat weintroducethemostuniqueand innovativeunion-made promotional products created in the USAandCanadainalonglongtime. • These products are the result of decades of research preparation experience and discussion – along with years of experience attending conventions and trade shows and personallyvisitingmanyfactoriesacrossNorthAmerica.

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About Us • We propose to make it as easy as possible for you to select quality union-made promotional products for your branding. • OurstaffisaffiliatedwiththeUnitedSteelworkers.

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Nature of Duties • On a daily basis our casting department manufactures union-made key chains medallions lapel pins emblems andmanymorecastedproducts. • Our cutting and sewing department custom manufactures garments or any other specific products you may need such asflagsarmbandsgarmentbagsetc. • Our expert and professional decorators have years of experienceintheirdedicatedfields.

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Our Goals • In-house professional embroidery screen-printing pad- printing engraving and state of the art direct laser printing machines allow us to offer impeccable service and turnaroundtimesthatcannotbeofferedelsewhere. • Wearenotdependentonsub-contractors.

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Our Value • Yoursatisfactionasproudunionmembersandorganizersis paramount to us. We are thrilled about this new opportunity to help you promote your union with quality union-madeproducts. • We invite you to try us out and enjoy the lifetime guarantee onallofourproductsthatwillhelpyoupromoteyourbrand andrecruitnewmembers.

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Our Success • W e’v e had many requests to create a service like this with products that can proudly wear the union label. We have created the ultimate one-stop shop that will answer all of yourunion-madepromotionalproductneeds. • Do not hesitate to contact us with any requests you may have. Welookforwardtoworkingwithyousoon

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Remember your success is our success.

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We guaranteed same day response on any inquiries you make.

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Our Promotions

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We Are Located In Akran Marketing 808 Commerce Park Unit 17402. Ogdensburg NY 13669-2208. Canada. Phone : 1-888-462-5726. Email : salesakranmarketing.com Website : www.akranunionmade.com.

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