Optimizing Menu Navigation for SEO

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Optimizing Website menu navigation is extremely important, it can help your pages compete for high competition keywords or just buried down forever…by FME, a leading source of ecommerce solutions


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Optimizing Menu Navigation for SEO FMEExtensions www.fmeextensions.com


2 bestpowerpointtemplates.com Tips Do not add less important links separately in menu, instead keep them under one main link Categorize all links and try to create maximum 3 hops to reach the destination URL Use horizontal linking for important pages. Means each page should link to other important pages You will see different sets of navigation on next pages

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3 bestpowerpointtemplates.com Mesh Topology Least effective menu navigation, every page links to every other page.

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4 bestpowerpointtemplates.com Deep/Tree Link Hierarchy Create categories and subcategories but not too many, either vertical or horizontal. This module uses infinite deep linking so it is better, but not the best.

Optimizing Menu Navigation for SEO:

5 bestpowerpointtemplates.com Flat Link Menu Navigation Only 3 hops are used to reach the destination


6 bestpowerpointtemplates.com In this hierarchy, you will use Flat Link + each page will link to other important pages Best Hierarchy

Mesh Topology:

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