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Increase your click through rates (CTRs), visibility in search results, this article gives all basic and advance methods to make a perfect SEO optimized website. To name a few Schema Tags, Data Highlighter, Pagination handling, Multi-languages, keywords optimization and much more included. Read more details here at


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Advance SEO for Magento:

Advance SEO for Magento FMEextensions

What triggers Clicks to your links?:

2 What triggers Clicks to your links? It’s the term “CTR”, means Click Through Rate 2. CTR Depends on following points: Meta Title Meta Description 3. Both are important to increase your clicks in search results…

Foundations of Perfect Meta Title and Description:

3 Foundations of Perfect Meta Title and Description Android Apps | Android Widgets | Brand (Fine) OR Best Premium Android Apps & Widgets, Brand (Better) OR Download Best Free Android Apps & Premium Widgets,Brand (Best) Add more keywords within the 60 characters limit that looks natural

How to Search and Pick Right Keywords?:

4 How to Search and Pick Right Keywords ? Use Exact Match 2. Use a blend of keywords with different intents 3.Example: Android Apps, Download Android Apps, Free Android Apps, Buy Android Widgets, Latest Android Apps, etc.

Which Domain Name to buy?:

5 1. Rising trend is to buy Top level domains like .com, .net etc. even for local SEO 2. Google Webmasters allow geo targeting. Any domain can be targeted in specific region 3. Overall, local domains are easy to rank within that specific geographic region e.g. is easy to rank in than Which Domain Name to buy?

Sub-domains Vs Sub-directory:

6 Sub-domains Vs Sub-directory

WWW vs non-WWW?:

7 WWW vs non-WWW ? Your website can be accessed with or without WWW. This can cause duplicate content issues 2. It is preferred to set this option from Google Webmasters account.

Ensure Proper Google Indexation?:

8 Ensure Proper Google Indexation ? Huge indexation can cause crawl delays , especially crawling of valuable data. Use robots.txt to block unwanted Magento data:

URL Rewrites – Products and Categories:

9 URL Rewrites – Products and Categories You can set custom URLs for each Magento Category, Page and product

Improving Search Results with Schema Tags:

10 Improving Search Results with Schema Tags Structured data, schema tags allows you to cummunicate with search engines and tell them more information about something For example, if you want to tell search engines who is the author of content, add reviews, what is the size of video file, what is the movie about etc.

Example of Schema tag:

11 Example of Schema tag This div contains different itemscope tags which tell search engines that this “div” is a trailer of a science fiction movie Avatar, whose director is James Cameron


12 Pagination By using “ rel =’next’ and rel =’ prev ’” we can tell search engines which page to serve users, see example :

Internationalization, Multi-Language:

13 Internationalization, Multi-Language By using “ rel =’alternate’ hreflang =’x ’” we can tell search engines which language they should serve to users based on their region, see example: Example: To tell Google that is Dutch-language equivalent of the English page, do the following: In the HTML <head> section of, add a link element pointing to the Dutch version of that webpage at, like this: <link rel =”alternate” hreflang =”de” href =”” />

And Many More…:

14 And Many More… Read more on following points: Sitemap for Mobile Video Markup and Sitemap Making AJAX Content Crawalable Data Highlighter Removing Content Duplications Click here: http :// f) XML Sitemaps g) Website Coding and Load Time h) Keyword Optimization i ) Robots, Canonicals and Meta Tags

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