Capture 100 Million Customers in Just Few Seconds


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These people come from all around the world with their urgent needs. To capture them Magento Gift Registry addon provides a platform which will automatically market your products and bring all those prospects.


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Capture 100 Million Customers in Just Few Seconds:

Capture 100 Million Customers in Just Few Seconds FMEextensions

Characteristics of these Customers:

2 Characteristics of these Customers These Customers are from all around the world 2. It is their necessity to shop at your website, because they have urgent needs 3. Some of them have birthdays, some tying up in engagements, some blessed with a baby and so on…

What you Can’t Do:

3 What you Can’t Do You can’t convince each one by calling, or other contact mechanisms, to shop at your website 2. And… You cant let them go as well…

What is Possible?:

4 What is Possible? Provide them a platform where all of these customers will automatically arrive 2. This Platform means, “Online Gift, Wedding, Baby Registry” service 3. If your website ranks well in search engines, in few seconds, these millions of customers will be at your website

What is Online Registry?:

5 What is Online Registry? 1. Online Gift Registries allow these millions of people to create their whish lists online, then share these wish lists with there friends, family members etc. 2. These friends and family members will then visit the wish list on website and buy gifts for them from the same site. 3. The website gets the major benefits, both parties arrive at your site, more traffic means more sales

How to Provide this Platform?:

6 How to Provide this Platform? Its so simple, follow below steps and you are ready to go: Click on the Following Link Magento Gift Registry 2. Download this addon , it comes with installation instructions and user guide 3. And that is all you have to do, to get millions of customers.

How Does It Look Like?:

7 How Does It Look Like?

When Users create a registry!:

8 When Users create a registry!

My Registry:

9 My Registry


10 Configurations


11 Configurations


12 Configurations

Thank you:

13 Thank you Read More information, checkout practical demonstration here at Magento Gift Registry

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