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Auto tracks visitors location and allows redirects visitors to pre-defined geo targeted Magento stores.


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Magento Store Switcher :

Magento Store Switcher

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Introduction Geo IP Magento Store Switcher extension allows you to create and manage geo targeted Magento stores. This Magento store pickup extension uses Maxmind geo location database to detect visitors’ location by IP address and then redirects them to pre-defined stores set by admin. Segment your traffic for different regions or customer groups.

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Features Magento Geo Targeting based on multiple stores Auto redirect visitors to appropriate Magento default stores Magento visitor segmentation Uses Maxmind Geolocation database for Magento visitor tracking Magento store restriction Read Detailed Features here Magento store redirect is performed based on IP localisation Manual switching to other stores supported IP exclusion and exceptions Prioritize access control lists Customize the Theme

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Frontend Features

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Manual Store Switching

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Geo Targeted ACLs/User Groups

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Region Assignment to ACL

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Import Maxmind GEOIP Database

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Theme Configuration

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