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Rise of Islam:

Rise of Islam

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In 610, in Mecca, Muhammad had the revelations that became the Qu’ran , the basis of Islam.

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Muslims focus on the Five Pillars There is no god but god, and Muhammad is his prophet Prayer five times daily Fasting at Ramadan Pilgrimage to Mecca Alms to the poor

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When Muhammad was invited to rule a community in Medina, political authority and religious authority became unified.

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The Islamic Empire got huge fast.

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Early on, Muslims divided into two sects: Sunnis and Shi’ites. The original dispute was about how to choose the caliph, but it became a much deeper divide. There are still wars being fought today that trace back to this split.

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By the 9 th century, territories were starting to break away from the Islamic Empire. The empire fell to the Turks in 1055 and was dismantled by the Mongols in 1258 But Islam as a religion continued to spread.

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