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Zhou China Intro:

Zhou China Intro

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Around 1000 BCE, the Zhou came to power—they rebelled against the Shang. Zhou: Used iron Feudal Shang: Used bronze Centralized Feudalism=power is hereditary and decentralized, and each vassal owes loyalty only to the one above him.

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Slowly, the Zhou became more and more decentralized until by 500 BCE there was no central power left. We call this the Warring States Period .

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Warring States Period was a violent time, but also a time when many new schools of thought emerged. Confucianism Daoism Legalism ….and many more that did not catch on

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Confucianism was based on the teachings of Confucius . Hierarchies based on mutual obligations Concern for others Every one can perfect him/herself

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Daoism was based on the writings of Laozi . Action is counterproductive Wisdom cannot be put into words The world corrupts Daoists turned away from politics and looked to nature.

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Legalism came from the Qin region. No individual is as important as the community Law is the key to order Advancement by merit Little personal freedom All-powerful ruler

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221 BCE: Qin conquer the other warring states and implement Legalism throughout.

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