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Iron Age India Intro:

Iron Age India Intro

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c. 2000 BCE c. 1500 BCE Harrappan disappears Aryans are In power Metal weapons Many tribes Vedas

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An image of the “Wheel of Life” Reincarnation was central to Brahmanism. Karma helped determine what you were reincarnated as. People offered sacrifices to the gods and hired priests to say prayers Samsara =reincarnation Karma=good and bad deeds Moksha =liberation from reincarnation

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Aryan society was structured by caste. Caste= a status from birth, w hich cannot be changed

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500 BCE! Jainism Buddhism Changes to Hinduism

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Jainism was started by Mahavira . It rejected caste and sacrifices. It added vegetarianism and nonviolence. It kept reincarnation, karma, and asceticism.

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Buddhism was started by Siddhartha Gautama. It rejected caste, asceticism, and the authority of priests It kept the ideas of reincarnation and moksha . It emphasized non-attachment and taught that the world was an illusion.

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Hinduism changed, too. Priests didn’t have as much power, and sacrifices weren’t as important. New, more human-like gods emerged. Hinduism became more flexible.

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Around 300 BCE, Chandragupta led the fight against Alexander the Great and founded the Mauryan Dynasty. He united northern India. Because he was a Jain, he also gave a big boost to Jainism. His grandson, Ashoka , converted to Buddhism and did the same for that religion.

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