Ancient Americas

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Ancient Americas:

Ancient Americas

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We think the first people in the Americas came across the “land bridge.” But we argue about when .

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A lot of people in the Americas were still hunter-gatherers in the 19 th century, particularly in North America. A recreated Iroquois camp in the eastern woods Atsina travelling in Montana

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But in Mesoamerica and the Andes people started farming very early. People in the Andes built terraced fields like these and irrigated them with rain water.

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American farmers had different crops. All the animals they could have used to plow were extinct… s o farming had to be less intensive, and populations stayed smaller.

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Mound builders Norte Chico Two particularly early urban societies were the Mississippi mound builders and Norte Chico.

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As far as we know, none of these societies had a written language, so we know even less about them than we know about Mesopotamia, for example. People in Norte Chico used knotted ropes for record keeping.

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