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This presentation explains the Role of a Migraine Clinic to treat you best in Headache. this department is usually directed by a neurologist to provide right treatment. Many walk in clinic are available that provide walk-in-headache clinic.


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Alaska Neurology Center The role of Migraine C linics in Managing people with Migraine P ain !

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Over 45 million people suffer from chronic and recurring headaches every year, and about 28 million suffer from migraine headache. These days, headaches are the most common cause of absenteeism form work and study. To treat migraine headache, there are many migraine clinics but it is not necessary that all clinics provide you the best treat.

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This presentation explains the role of migraine clinics in managing people with migraine, and also make you understand the meaning of migraine clinics and who should visit this clinic. First of all, a migraine clinic involves in the diagnosis and treatment of headache. These clinics are often associated with a neurology department in the hospital. This department is usually directed by a consultant neurologist with a specific interest and expertise in migraine headache. With these migraine clinics, a neurologist is able to confirm if the attacks are of migraine or not.

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Most of the people with headache have confusion, whether they visit these clinics or not. If people with migraine don’t respond well to the treatment or not being well-managed by general practitioner, further investigation is needed which these clinics may help in requiring. There are certain reasons to why your general practitioner may refer a patient with headache on to a specialist clinic are following below : If there is a doubt over the diagnosis of migraine. A rare form of migraine is suspected. Other than migraine symptoms are present. Treatment of headache is not working out well. Headache attacks are getting more frequent. Last , if you ask for . Under all the aforementioned conditions, your GP may refer to a migraine clinic so that the conditions may not get worsen.

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There are many type of migraine headaches, you will read the types of headaches people are suffering from: Migraine headache. Sinus headache. Spinal headache. Cluster headache. Tension headache. Medication overuse headache. NDPH (New Daily Persistent headache).

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Through these clinics, a neurologist can determine the type and treat the patient accordingly. Around the world, there are many Walk-in Headache Clinics that provide patient getting the right treatment for headache. If any patient gets a migraine attack, these clinics can provide them with same day medical treatment to ease head pain and tension pain.

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