Welcome to World History!

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Welcome to World History!:

Mr. Moore 2012-2013 Welcome to World History!

What do I expect?:

Be on time! Come Prepared! Be ready to learn! What do I expect?


Follow school attendance policy. Start deducting points after 4 tardies ! Attendance!

Grading Rubric:

Three Sections Tests 4 tests worth 100 points each Quizes Quizes worth 25 points each Daily Work Daily work worth 10 points each End of year project worth 200 points! Grading Rubric


Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the year and count as daily grades Daily work that is not completed during class will sometimes be allowed to finish for homework Homework!

Classroom Policies:

Stay seated unless otherwise permitted Be seated when bell rings and begin bellringer Have all necessary supplies ready and available Use of cell phones not allowed unless permitted Have fun!! Classroom Policies

Policies Cont’d:

More policies will be explained as the first few weeks go along! Policies Cont’d


This is only a glance at what this year will be like! I am really looking forward to getting to know each of you as the year progresses. I have high expectations for this year and can’t wait to get started! Conclusion!

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