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Paymate Acclaim Payroll/HR Solution


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Acclaim Payroll and HR Solutions

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Specialize in Payroll and HR Developing software since 1987 Commitment to Customer service Solutions available for Canada and the U.S. Committed to exceptional Customer service CPA Software News gave Paymate 4.5 stars out of 5 About Us

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Easy to Learn Cost Effective Delphi 32-bit Wizard for Multi-Step Processes Help Functions and Online Manuals Unlimited companies and employees Compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista Quick entry system for high volume data entry General Features

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Integration with over 50 accounting solutions Print customized paystubs and cheques Import and export job costs and GL Lifetime detailed history records E-filing (magnetic media filing) Tax Slip editing and printing Cost Allocation Direct Deposit Job Costing Advanced Features

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Allows user to distribute static payroll costs to multiple G/L accounts, by dollar amount or by percentage. User can control to include benefits and wage levies. Set up of Master cost distribution eliminates repetitive data entry On-the-fly overrides extends flexibility for temporary changes Generates G/L report and create export file with or without cost distribution, under user control Ideal for Project based accounting Example: Research and development; construction Cost Allocation

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Distributes variable payroll costs to multiple jobs/cost centers by time Allows allocation of burdens and overhead to jobs Predefined cost center code format and job costing On-the-fly overrides of rates enables added flexibility Quick Entry features allows for heads-down data entry User definable cost center code format and job costing export layout extend usability Job Costing

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Restrict access to users by function User defined criteria for tracking and reporting Track changes to key data and generate audit reports with Reason Codes Security & Auditing Integrity check to maintain and correct data integrity Compressed backup function to save disk space Import Routines Utilities

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Technical Support (Online, Telephone, Email, Fax) Tax Updates In-house Service Program Updates Consulting Services Customization of software Access to Knowledge Base Data Repair and Integration Available Services

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Thank you Paymate Software 30 Wertheim Court, Suite 16 Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 1B9 Tel/Fax: (905) 771-1155/ 905-771-1344 Toll Free: 1-866-PAY-MATE E-mail:

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