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Visa Consultants in Chandigarh. AKKAM Immigration and Allied Services established and officially recognized immigration and student visa consulting firm expert in acquiring - skills, family, Business Visa, Student Visa and Permanent Residence Visas. We have a success rate of close to 100%.AKKAM Keeping in mind the needs of such students, we have designed our processes in a manner that every single task starting from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is smooth and hassle free.All students who are traveling outside for University-related activities, such as exchanges, internships, independent study-away, field study semesters and courses, and research. If you have previously attended a pre-departure orientation session but are travelling to a different region, you may be required to attend the regional session only.Visa Consultants in Chandigarh.


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PRE DEPARTURE ORIENTATION TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE 1. Health, safety and security. 2. Cross-cultural adjustment. 3. Administrative paperwork. 4. Financial aid. 5. Registration. 6. Travel tips .

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Consulting Process Sell the product (counsellors) & inform the local consultant.(24hrs) Local Consultant has to fix an appointment with the student to provide process timeline & fill PAF, which is required to suggest program & 1 st cut of shortlisted colleges.(within 3 days) Local Consultant has to share the list of universities suggested and all the information/data to the back-end team through email. (24hrs) The local consultant has to be in touch with the student & follow up to make sure that the student is giving GMAT/GRE Exam well before app. Deadlines. Once the student is done with GMAT/GRE Exam, local consultant has to take the score from student & share it to Back-end team.(24hrs)

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Consulting Process…… The Back-end team will send back the final list of universities/B-schools based on GMAT/GRE score along with details (No. of essays reqd., No. of LOR’s, Word limits, Women intake %, International intake %, Financial Docs., Scholarships app. Info., Admission confirmation fee reqd., app. link etc…)(48hrs) The local Consultant will meet student & share all those info. & inform about the reqd. docs & essays. consultant .(24hrs) Once the student is done with the SOP/Essay (draft), he/she has to send it to local consultant who’ll forward it to verbal head.(24hrs ) The Verbal head will edit essays/SOP and send it to the Local consultant and the Local consultant will send it back to the student (3 days) The Student has to Rewrite/correct the essays/SOP & send this to local consultant along with all other documents reqd. ( 3 days)

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Consulting Process….. Once the local consultant receives & verifies the essays and all other documents received from the student are ok, It will be sent to the back end team for the final review & verification. (3 days). ( the final write up essays to be verified by Local Verbal faculty) Once the back-end team receives & Verifies all the documents, It has to send back with an approval to the local consultant.(If no error found)(24 hrs ) After getting the approval, the local Consultant will call the student to come over (24hrs) & start applying to the universities. After the application is done, the local team has to share student’s application id with the back-end team.(24 hrs) The back-end team will follow up with the universities(tie ups**) to track the status & interview dates. And for non Tie Up colleges, the local consultant has to follow up with the student for the Interview call (MBA applicants).

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Consulting Process….. Once the student receives confirmation/interview call form universities & informs the same to the local consultant. The local consultant will inform to the back-end team. 24hrs Back-end team will provide a set of Questions & Answers(Mock Interviews) to the local consultant only for Management applicants. 36Hrs. The local consultant will arrange the Interview session (Mock) with the local faculty team. After the final interview is over the student will inform the Local Consultant. The local consultant in turn will inform the back-end team. The Local consultant has to record all the intervie questions asked.(For future reference) The back-end team will follow up with the colleges(tied up**) for the offer letter. (for non-tie up colleges, the student has to inform the local consultant for the next process).

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Consulting Process….. After the student receives the offer letter, he/she have to inform the local consultant, and local consultant will inform the back-end team. (local team will send the soft copy/scan of the offer letter) Back-end team will provide all reqd. details to the Local Consultant to guide the student , how to pay the admission & other fees. After the fees is paid and the admission confirmation letter is received, the student will inform the same to the back-end team. The back-end team/Local Consultant will guide the student in Visa Application process.(Information On reqd. documentation & Share Student visa application links) The local consultant team will invite the students along with their parents for a pre departure session, as per date confirmed by the back-end team.

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Centre Responsibility Sales. Marketing & promotions. (centre & city level) Checking on docs. Given by students. Follow ups with students. (taking GMAT/GRE before deadlines, submitting docs.) LOR, SOP & App. Essay editing. (Local faculty)

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Centre Responsibility Interview prep.(Mock). (Local Faculty) Informing Back-end within TAT. Passing of Information to students from HO(back-end). Assisting students in uploading applications.(all documents)

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Back-End Responsibility Research on various programs. Collecting detailed info. on B-Schools & Universities. Training Centre counselors & local Consultants. Sending regular updates to local consultant & Centres on Uni. App process, fee, etc… Making of MOU (Tie up) with colleges & sharing the list with the team.

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Back-End Responsibility Making of MOU (Tie up) with colleges & sharing the list with the team. Relation building with international colleges for the benefits of our students. Follow up with Universities regarding offer letters and other confirmations. Sending up sample interview Q&A to local consultant. Artwork designing of promotion materials & ad-word

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Back-End Responsibility Conducting seminar & interactive sessions with colleges in various cities. Sending final short-listed universities. Final checking of app. docs before uploading. Visa Assistance. Organizing Pre-departure & conducting Pre departure session.

Hyderabad: Office No: 6-3-1191-1196, 2nd Floor, Brij Tarang, Above Mebaz Showroom, Beside White House, Kundanbagh, Begumpet. Landline : 040-40198115/ 40178116 Mobile : +91 7207601601 +91 7207602602 Chandigarh Office Address Address : #139-140, 2nd Floor Sector-9 c, Madhya Marg Chandigarh - 160009, India  Landline : 0172 - 4191191  Mobile : +91 7087479000

Hyderabad : Office No: 6-3-1191-1196, 2 nd Floor, Brij Tarang , Above Mebaz Showroom, Beside White House, Kundanbagh , Begumpet. L andline : 040-40198115/ 40178116 Mobile : +91 7207601601 +91 7207602602 Chandigarh Office Address Address : #139-140, 2nd Floor Sector-9 c, Madhya Marg Chandigarh - 160009, India  Landline : 0172 - 4191191  Mobile : +91 7087479000

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